Going Off The Rails Socks

At the start of the year I decided that I was going to try to knit up this year’s sock club patterns.

It started well and Abricot socks from Rachel Coopey almost floated off my needles.


Then on to something that I loved the look of – All Aboard, Puff, Puff,Puff socks from Aurelie Colas.

There’s a very clever detail on these which gives you a track pattern right round the heel. Gorgeous. Stunning. And for me the cause of a lot of swearing as these socks start in the middle – but with a toe cast on. I hate toe up socks for many reasons, and the variety of magic cast ons make up several of those reasons. But I carried on, cursing as I went and watching the tracks emerge. Then more unusual construction to all for the foot – which seemed to be fine apart from the fact that my sock didn’t sit level at the top of the foot. Alarm bells should have rung – but I carried on knitting. More cursing as I tackled the cast off – I’m not a fan of carting off at the top of socks. And then language which made all the cursing which had gone before seem like polite chatter. I’d managed to knit a sock so badly fitting that Nora Batty herself would have dismissed it as too wrinkly round the ankle.


The wrinkles don’t look too bad in this photo – and that’s because I’m pointing my toes.

I should have known this after sock madness last year, but when you’re working sock with an unusual construction things will go better if you can match row and stitch gauge. The row gauge wasn’t on the pattern, and when I checked with Aurelie I found out I had fewer rows than was ideal – hence the wrinkles. No one else has had this problem, so I suspect I’ve just been unlucky.

I decided that I wanted to keep some element of these socks but to avoid any more toe up induced cursing. Or heels which didn’t fit me quite as well as I’d like. Huge credit to Aurelie for coming up with several solutions to make these socks fit me – but they all involved too many things I didn’t want to do.

So I’ve taken the track pattern, applied it to a blissfully simple 64 stitch sock and I love it.


Going off the rails wasn’t too bad at all.

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