Shop Update 13.02.15

This week there’s a real feast of colour for you.

First up is the last of my current stock of our gorgeous Falkland merino laceweight – and it’s all about the greens. I’ll be ordering more of this yarn, but for the next 6 weeks or so there won’t be any more of it in the updates.

 photo IMG_0591_zpsb52ba314.jpg

The colours look stunning together.

 photo IMG_0594_zps27a853a9.jpg


 photo IMG_0598_zps1e3502e2.jpg


 photo IMG_0593_zps21d053e2.jpg


 photo IMG_0596_zps3fe3b414.jpg


 photo IMG_0595_zps810c5552.jpg


Then lots of Britsock

 photo IMG_0609_zps8f439a4b.jpg

Fairy Dust

 photo IMG_0610_zpsb56d8af7.jpg


 photo IMG_0608_zps4d70e3a3.jpg

Almost a Rainbow

 photo IMG_0607_zps95c17dcb.jpg


 photo IMG_0606_zps765dd366.jpg

Walnut Tree

 photo IMG_0625_zpsec0f787e.jpg


 photo IMG_0624_zpsbaaf4fed.jpg

Cherry Tree Bark

 photo IMG_0626_zpsdadceb16.jpg


 photo IMG_0599_zps8a153d07.jpg

Blackened Red

 photo IMG_0600_zps25e567db.jpg

Blackened Orange ( I might have to keep all of this one)

 photo IMG_0601_zpsc233b517.jpg

Blackened Yellow

 photo IMG_0602_zps7d56c107.jpg

Blackened Green

 photo IMG_0603_zps23770707.jpg

Blackened Turquoise

 photo IMG_0604_zps1458139d.jpg

Blackened Blue

 photo IMG_0605_zps625f2686.jpg

Blackened Violet

Then lots more of the Take Five sets in Britsock – including more of the gold which flew off the shelves last week

 photo IMG_0620_zpsec785a1d.jpg

Shaded Golds

 photo IMG_0615_zpsdf5926af.jpg

Shaded Goldfinch

 photo IMG_0618_zpsf1cc4dda.jpg

Shaded Coppers

 photo IMG_0616_zpsd4778731.jpg

Shaded Plums

 photo IMG_0641_zps1825b0bb.jpg

Shaded Blues

 photo IMG_0643_zps379c21bf.jpg

Shaded Browns

 photo IMG_0645_zpscd808632.jpg

Shaded Pinks

 photo IMG_0644_zps5342a8ea.jpg

Shaded Greens

 photo IMG_0647_zps0442772b.jpg

Shaded Violets

Then on to the charity colour for February.

The images which inspire this yarn come from a blog which details the travel adventures of Jimmy Nelson.

The tribe which inspired the February yarn is the Mustang Tribe.

 photo IMG_0633_zpsa6d4da50.jpg

This is Bobbie’s watercolour to tell me what colours I needed to get from the dye pots.

 photo IMG_0634_zps0f062752.jpg

Mustang Tribe variegated British sock yarn

 photo IMG_0631_zps72680b17.jpg

Mustang Tribe self striping British sock yarn

 photo IMG_0640_zps4a0c4cb9.jpg

Mustang Tribe variegated Britsock

Then more self striping sock yarn, first in Britsock

 photo IMG_0639_zps7578c779.jpg


 photo IMG_0638_zpsf3f10a7b.jpg


 photo IMG_0636_zpsf6f15bda.jpg


 photo IMG_0637_zpsd8553bf7.jpg

Cherry Tee Bark

And self striping British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_0629_zps0e470a7a.jpg


 photo IMG_0630_zps44943c1e.jpg


 photo IMG_0632_zps2011b7fd.jpg


 photo IMG_0628_zpsad2bf004.jpg

Cherry Tee Bark

Finally for this week, there’s a restock of mini skein sets. These have been hugely popular as everyone rushes to cast on Otis Socks by Rachel Coopey. If you’d like a different colourway we have a few suggestions here.

 photo IMG_0649_zps2757137a.jpg

Shades of Orange

 photo IMG_0653_zpsf1a1c51a.jpg

Shades of Pink

 photo IMG_0651_zps5dd1fd09.jpg

Shades of Gray

 photo IMG_0650_zps23d2b86b.jpg

Shades of Violet

The yarns shown above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 13th February.

What will you make?

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2 Responses to Shop Update 13.02.15

  1. Valerie says:

    Gorgeous 🙂 I’m trying to work out if the Daffodil colourway has taken very differently between the various yarn types or if it’s differences in the photos. The Britsock variegated looks so much bolder than the Britsock self-striping or the wool & nylon; is that how it actually turned out?

  2. Hi Valerie – yes that’s how it turned out. The variegated daffodil was done in a different sye bath to the self striping yarns.

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