Making Otis Sing With Colour

Rachel Coopey has a brand new sock book out.

Get your copy here


Picture Copyright Rachel Coopey

One of my favourite designs is Otis socks.


Picture Copyright Rachel Coopey

I love the combination of orange mini skeins and biscuit that Rachel chose for this design. I know sometimes people feel they’re not great at picking colours so I thought I’d put together a few alternative suggestions.


Rainbow mini skeins and antique silver


Blue mini skeins and lime


Yellow mini skeins and coal


Orange mini skeins and turquoise


Green mini skeins and raspberry

You can find mini skein sets here, and the semi solid colours here. If you fancy mixing things up even more you could even choose 7 individual mini skeins.

Enjoy picking your colours – I’d love to know what you choose.

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