Shop Update 06.02.15

There’s a whole collection for gorgeous British wool this week.

First up is the reintroduction of our Take Five sets – but with a difference. This time round the sets contain 5 x 20g skeins of Britsock, and the colours shade from one skein to the next. We’ve looked at different ways of dyeing colour block yarns and decided that this works best for us. It’s less labour intensive so we can keep the prices lower. It means the yarn goes through fewer processes. Perhaps best of all it gives you choice over which colour you want to put where.

 photo IMG_0489_zps8a98eb65.jpg

Shaded Reds

 photo IMG_0492_zps60d1b414.jpg

Shaded Golds

 photo IMG_0491_zpscc0e6a27.jpg

Shaded Turquoises

 photo IMG_0490_zpsc000a8f3.jpg

Shaded Pearls

Then onto a restock of lots of the semi solid Britsock colours

 photo IMG_0447_zpsd3396204.jpg

semi solid coral

 photo IMG_0448_zpsd4ee9942.jpg

semi solid heather

 photo IMG_0449_zps6a2571a0.jpg

semi solid raspberry

 photo IMG_0450_zpsd23e1fcb.jpg

semi solid red

 photo IMG_0451_zps225c15af.jpg

semi solid violet

 photo IMG_0452_zps15c3ca1a.jpg

semi solid electric blue. I have to confess that I’ve stashed a skein of this, and I’m eyeing up the rest of it as a potential jumper.

 photo IMG_0453_zps7e389d1b.jpg

semi solid pearl

 photo IMG_0454_zps614af981.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_0455_zpse30b51f4.jpg

semi solid charcoal

 photo IMG_0456_zps97adb1c3.jpg

semi solid coal

Finally for Britsock lovers we have 5 new self striping colours. These will all knit up as bold stripes, which is about 7 rounds on a plain 64 stitch sock.

 photo IMG_0457_zpsc1bb1b19.jpg

Self striping silvered turquoise

 photo IMG_0460_zps02374ff5.jpg

Self striping silvered lime

 photo IMG_0461_zps1b601664.jpg

Self striping silvered yellow

 photo IMG_0459_zpsf2809d47.jpg

Self striping silvered raspberry

 photo IMG_0458_zps4119e237.jpg

Self striping silvered violet

The same colours are also available in our British wool and nylon sock base. I love the different way that the two yarns take the dye.

 photo IMG_0465_zps681743aa.jpg

Self striping silvered turquoise

 photo IMG_0466_zps7dd05059.jpg

Self striping silvered lime

 photo IMG_0463_zps3ef90d05.jpg

Self striping silvered yellow

 photo IMG_0462_zps93622333.jpg

Self striping silvered raspberry

 photo IMG_0464_zps5510a73a.jpg

Self striping silvered violet

Next we have the restock of a couple more sock yarn colours

 photo IMG_0467_zpsd0a64264.jpg

semi solid biscuit

 photo IMG_0469_zpsb29223cd.jpg

semi solid lime

 photo IMG_0468_zpsc5849ea4.jpg

semi solid dark navy

Finally for the yarn there’s a bit of an experiment – which turned out beautifully.

 photo IMG_0470_zpsc7ec5d40.jpg


The last thing in this week’s update is something rather different. I’ve been making beads which work with any of the European bracelet systems – and just in time for Valentine’s day there are some hearts, and some colourful sets.

 photo IMG_0522_zps47dc1352.jpg

 photo IMG_0525_zpsa7a5b100.jpg

 photo IMG_0506_zps43ae2497.jpg

 photo IMG_0513_zps6c28d0fe.jpg

 photo IMG_0517_zps26eaf5c8.jpg

The yarns shown above will be available at 1900 on Friday 6th February.

Happy shopping


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2 Responses to Shop Update 06.02.15

  1. Anne Grieve says:

    Darn……I just don’t need sock yarn
    BUT……Don’t think I can resist those take five sets
    I’ve 26 1/2 hours to decide which colour
    Pattern looked out and ready to go!

  2. That sounds like a plan – what pattern have you chosen?

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