Shop Update 30.01.15

After a couple of weeks where it’s been all about the sock yarn, this week we have 2 different bases.

First up is our gorgeous high twist Blue Faced Leicester. This yarn is spun in Yorkshire and as it’s super wash it would be lovely for socks – but equally wonderful for any number of other things.

 photo IMG_0405_zps8beb394a.jpg


 photo IMG_0406_zps87e01bb6.jpg


 photo IMG_0407_zps3348a185.jpg


 photo IMG_0408_zps6dd95c8e.jpg


 photo IMG_0409_zps49b1da31.jpg


 photo IMG_0410_zps24941d75.jpg


 photo IMG_0411_zps5b61a123.jpg


 photo IMG_0412_zps5844c1fb.jpg


 photo IMG_0414_zps76aff9a6.jpg


 photo IMG_0413_zpsa13e4a49.jpg


Then lots of colours of our stunning Falkland merino laceweight

 photo IMG_0424_zps93ff33e9.jpg

semi solid coal

 photo IMG_0425_zps39b47d4d.jpg

semi solid charcoal

 photo IMG_0426_zps87913a89.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_0427_zpsb028a440.jpg

semi solid pearl

 photo IMG_0428_zps64a0e8ef.jpg

semi solid raspberry

 photo IMG_0429_zpse26fd98e.jpg

semi solid magenta

 photo IMG_0430_zpseb8fc7ae.jpg

semi solid heather

 photo IMG_0431_zps2152c246.jpg

semi solid plum

 photo IMG_0433_zpsba8de676.jpg

semi solid coral

 photo IMG_0434_zpsd214bb74.jpg

semi solid wheat

 photo IMG_0436_zps6a1284e5.jpg

two tone lilac

Finally for this week some more self striping sock yarn. This week I’ve been inspired by a visit to a sweet shop.

 photo IMG_0418_zps711b89d6.jpg

Bold self striping Dairy Milk

 photo IMG_0422_zpsf84f2a2c.jpg

Bold self striping Turkish Delight

 photo IMG_0419_zps38641001.jpg

Bold Self Striping Chocolate Lime

 photo IMG_0421_zpsaa5cdd27.jpg

Bold self striping Milky Way

 photo IMG_0420_zpsd2bd8521.jpg

Bold self striping Jelly Bean

The yarns above will be in the shop at 1900 on Friday 30th January.

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