Weekly Update 23.01.15

This week it’s all about the British sock yarn – 45% British Blue Faced Leicester, 30% mixed British wool and 25% nylon, Proper woolly wool.

First up are the semi solid colours

 photo IMG_0210_zps539fc64c.jpg
semi solid red

 photo IMG_0211_zpse21011ac.jpg

semi solid walnut

 photo IMG_0212_zpsec58e445.jpg

semi solid turquoise

 photo IMG_0215_zps097cf8c4.jpg

semi solid dog rose

 photo IMG_0222_zps5937743f.jpg

semi solid lilac

 photo IMG_0223_zps2c4a5552.jpg

semi solid violet

 photo IMG_0225_zps7ee23f1c.jpg

semi solid pearl

 photo IMG_0226_zpseca62bcd.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_0227_zps24dfab47.jpg

semi solid antique silver

Then lots of variegated colours

 photo IMG_0228_zps78bc5952.jpg


 photo IMG_0229_zpse39d952b.jpg


 photo IMG_0230_zps42fccdf6.jpg

Oh So Pretty

 photo IMG_0231_zpsd696e4ab.jpg

Log Fire

 photo IMG_0232_zpsc91c7c12.jpg

Why Not?

 photo IMG_0233_zps0fde8a4c.jpg


 photo IMG_0234_zps606e355b.jpg


 photo IMG_0235_zps76cea823.jpg

Bright Stuff

 photo IMG_0236_zps60a62a37.jpg

Midnight Sky

For the self Striping sock lovers we have five new colourways

 photo IMG_0237_zps682cb6e9.jpg

Why not?

 photo IMG_0238_zps98921dca.jpg


 photo IMG_0241_zps1aac03dd.jpg

Log Fire

 photo IMG_0239_zpsca54947d.jpg


 photo IMG_0240_zpsb34b27b0.jpg

Bright Stuff

Finally for this week’s update a restock of some of our gradient mini skein sets

 photo IMG_0244_zps6aedfff2.jpg

Gradient Violet

 photo IMG_0253_zps2ccd9774.jpg

Gradient Green

 photo IMG_0248_zps96ad5218.jpg

Gradient Turquoise

The yarns above will be in the shop at 1900 on Friday 23rd January.

Happy shopping


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