Weekly Update 16.01.15

This week we’re introducing the first of our charity yarns. Bobbie and I wanted a theme for these which would run throughout 2015, and it’s fair to say that Bobbie has found an amazing source of inspiration for this.

The theme for the 2015 charity yarns will be Tribes.

The images which inspire this yarn come from a blog which details the travel adventures of Jimmy Nelson.

The tribe which inspired the January yarn is the Nenets Tribe.

This is Bobbie’s watercolour to tell me what colours I needed to get from the dye pots.

  photo IMG_0199_zps7cfa791d.jpg


The January yarn is called Northern Lights lights and is available as both a self striping and variegated sock yarn.

 photo IMG_0169_zpseec715a6.jpg

Self Striping Northern Lights

 photo IMG_0185_zpse06e2891.jpg

Northern Lights

It’s amazing how similar the two yarns look in skeins.


We’ll be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these yarns to the three charities chosen by the Knitting Goddesses (and Gods). These are the Alzheimer’s Society, the Stoke Association and Mind.

Each of these colourways is limited, and once they’ve sold there won’t be any more of these colours.

Next up are 4 more self striping sock yarns

 photo IMG_0168_zps28f46b87.jpg

Bold Self Striping Menace

 photo IMG_0166_zps7f6a5c35.jpg

Bold Self Striping Siamese Fighting Fish

 photo IMG_0170_zpsc1913c4e.jpg

Self Striping Chocquoise

 photo IMG_0163_zps50d1875f.jpg

Self Striping Groovy. So 70’s. So bad taste. So what I want to cast on with now.

Then there are variegated sock yarns.

I’ve started using Pinterest to collect images where the colours appeal to me, so there’s a fairly diverse range of images. If you want to take a look you can find the board here. Several of this week’s yarns have been inspired by pictures and the yarns range from screamingly bright to delicate muted tones.

 photo IMG_0171_zps23c681aa.jpg

Venetian Floors

 photo IMG_0174_zps2573e6f7.jpg

Silver Sage

 photo IMG_0173_zps251e5dfa.jpg


 photo IMG_0172_zpsfb02d064.jpg


 photo IMG_0183_zps92550671.jpg

Purple Haze

 photo IMG_0177_zpsdc802c65.jpg

Flower Power

 photo IMG_0179_zps3c3a8d2a.jpg

Bunbun’s Rainbow

 photo IMG_0180_zps5355e80e.jpg


 photo IMG_0184_zps00fdc34b.jpg


 photo IMG_0181_zps799fd07f.jpg


Finally for this week there’s a restock of some semi solid sock yarns

 photo IMG_0189_zps0c8d2321.jpg


 photo IMG_0190_zps750f7908.jpg


 photo IMG_0191_zps482bdff4.jpg


 photo IMG_0192_zps51d61a68.jpg

Bitter Chocolate

 photo IMG_0193_zps5f21741d.jpg

Milk Chocolate

 photo IMG_0194_zpsa811bc34.jpg


 photo IMG_0195_zps2de437a5.jpg


 photo IMG_0197_zps3468577a.jpg


 photo IMG_0196_zps436c1e5e.jpg


The yarns shown above will be in the shop at 1900 UK time on Friday 16th January.

Happy shopping


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