New Year Wishes

What I’d really like from 2015

  • For the people I love to be as healthy and happy as is possible
  • To spend more time with people who make me happy. And to spend a lot less time reading about drama on the internet. Life’s too short to not use the mute button on twitter.
  • To make time to do the things I love. More knitting. More melting glass. More sewing. More heading off into the great outdoors. More pottering about in the kitchen with butter, cream and sugar. Maybe even a little more crochet.
  • To be a bit more organised. It’s not really part of my nature, but it does make for an easier life.
  • To find a really fantastic waffle recipe. I got a great waffle maker for Christmas, but the recipes that came with it aren’t quite what I want.
  • To get to grips with my camera. Properly get to grips with it instead of using the automatic settings. This is going to mean reading the instructions. Again, not really part of my nature.

Here’s hoping that 2015 is a great year – and that it brings you everything you wish for.


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