Shop Update 02.01.2015

There are lots of treats in this week’s shop update.

First up are some new colours in our gorgeous 4ply alpaca, silk and cashmere.

 photo IMG_3468_zps805bb143.jpg

Rasberry on Silver

 photo IMG_3471_zpsf8466ab2.jpg

Violet on Silver

 photo IMG_3469_zpsb1255161.jpg

Blue on Silver

 photo IMG_3470_zps0888ab0e.jpg

Chocolate on Silver

 photo IMG_3472_zps2179bc85.jpg

Lime on Silver

Then there are self striping sock yarns on the Britsock base

 photo IMG_3476_zps195b4ba8.jpg

Glamour Puss

 photo IMG_3475_zps49b0b5a4.jpg

Jaffa Cake

 photo IMG_3474_zps6f3239a2.jpg

Lemon and Lime

 photo IMG_3477_zpsda309534.jpg

Siamese Fighting Fish

 photo IMG_3473_zpsc2f10b78.jpg

Silvered Turquoise

If you’d prefer your self striping socks on our wool and nylon base then you’re in luck

 photo IMG_3479_zpsb931d77d.jpg

Jaffa Cake

 photo IMG_3478_zps65ef52f8.jpg

Lemon and Lime

 photo IMG_3480_zps86b5823a.jpg

Silvered Turquoise

We have lots of beautiful variegated colours in the Britsock base

 photo IMG_3486_zpsafc56b98.jpg

Cor Limey

 photo IMG_3483_zpsed6fbe59.jpg


 photo IMG_3488_zps219325a4.jpg

Heather Patch

 photo IMG_3485_zps9688323f.jpg

Purple Haze

 photo IMG_3481_zpsa7adf7c6.jpg

Scooby Dooby Doo

 photo IMG_3482_zps33e2d759.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_3487_zps8c0845c9.jpg

Vivid Ocean

 photo IMG_3484_zps01e89e16.jpg

Winter Sun

There are gloriously squishy BFL chunky rovings

 photo IMG_3493_zpse413d6e4.jpg

Cor Limey

 photo IMG_3492_zps326e2dcb.jpg


 photo IMG_3491_zpsc76c8e46.jpg

Burnt Orange

 photo IMG_3489_zps2a401d13.jpg


 photo IMG_3490_zpsde11fa7c.jpg


There’s wonderfully soft DK 100%

 photo IMG_3495_zpsf6432d01.jpg


 photo IMG_3494_zps14875c3b.jpg


 photo IMG_3496_zpse2f091f6.jpg


 photo IMG_3499_zpsee9fdb05.jpg


 photo IMG_3497_zps17d1592b.jpg


 photo IMG_3498_zps33f5e491.jpg


 photo IMG_3500_zpse750f50c.jpg

Silvered Violet

 photo IMG_3502_zpsf6ddc8af.jpg


 photo IMG_3501_zps50a01ce1.jpg


Finally for this week there’s a restock of mini skein sets in pink and blue.

 photo IMG_3505_zps23a53fee.jpg

 photo IMG_3504_zpsdc79373d.jpg

The yarns shown above will be on sale from 1900 on Friday 2nd January.

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