Why I Knit

  1. Knitting means I can sit in a waiting room and be quite happy that the dentist is running 30 minutes late.
  2. Knitting makes me a much calmer passenger in the car. It also means that I don’t mind the occasional small traffic jam. This may be helped by the spare ball of sock yarn which lives in the glove box.
  3. I will never have too many pairs of hand knitted socks.
  4. Knitting lets me have the jumper I want. Exactly the jumper I want. Not one that would be perfect if it were a better colour, the sleeves were 3 inches longer and the neck was different.
  5. Knitting is the perfect way to relax.
  6. Knitting lets me watch scary things on tv. When it all gets too much for my nerves I focus on what I’m doing. I’ll admit this doesn’t always work. On more than one occasion I’ve jumped and managed to pull a knitting pin out of my work.
  7. Buying knitting patterns lets me support independent designers, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
  8. Having something to do with my hands that I can pick up and put down as needed is my definition of a perfect hobby.
  9. Knitting is a hobby that you can take to the pub.
  10. Knit and natter groups are a great way to meet fascinating and amazing people.
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2 Responses to Why I Knit

  1. Sharon says:

    @6 I’ve done so much knitting while watching TV that now I find it difficult to watch TV without having knitting in my hands. It also means that should a programme be somewhat less than inspiring I can concentrate on getting the pattern right or turning a heel!

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this.

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