An Interview with Kati

Today I’m delighted to be posting an interview with Kati who is one of the designers taking part in the Gift-a-long on Ravelry.

So hello to Kati.

The first thing I picked up from your blog is that you do a lot of different crafty things. What’s the first craft you remember doing?

Ah, let’s go back in time :). The first craft was definitely drawing and sketching! Among my love to Robin Hood, horses and – harrumph – unicorns, I drew comic strips and later on portraits and animals. Even Star Trek inspired sketches! A pen in my hand and a sheet of paper and I dived into a completely different world – I sometimes miss the patience I had back then for working out details. Now I am more focused on getting fast the right outline of a figure!

I’m always interested in why people start designing. What made you decide it was something you wanted to do?

It was a mixture of a calling and a natural habit, I suppose :). My world consists of small details. A cup with a gleaming surface reminds me of sunlight sparkles on fresh snow. Cinnamon brings warmth and happiness of open fire places to my mind. Small gestures make me happy – like the hand of my husband resting on my back when we leave the theatre. When I bought two beautiful skeins of handdyed and handspun worsted yarn during our holidays at the North Sea I could not comprehend to which joy it would lead me to… I wanted to gift a good friend, a faithful friend something special and unique for her birthday. I had just read one of my favorite books, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting without tears, and I was intrigued with garter stitch and brimming with knitting confidence (thank you so much, Elizabeth!!). I dreamt about garter stitch zig-zag and a way of a highly adjustable mitts. The birth of my Mirja mitts and the beginning of my designing journey. It is still the same creative process today: small things get me hooked and I cannot rest until I have included all the ideas which came to my mind and heart.

mirja mitts 3


mirja mitts 2


mirja mitts 1

You have lots of gorgeous designs available – I especially like Sam’s Guitar Player Mitts  Can you tell me a bit more about what inspired them?

In one of my former lifes I must have been a werewolf. Nooo, just kidding :). Books about vampires, werewolves draw me in – if they are beautifully written and with a good storyline. The more complex the better and really – please no crying and afraid women yelling for help and a shiny prince appearing to the rescue! So it seemed to be a natural win-win situation that I discovered Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver – Linger – Forever trilogy about werewolves and a completely different angle on writing about them. There is love (but of course!), poetry, a deeply logical girl, soulmates, wonderful humorous scenes and heartbreaking conversations. I love her way of describing things. Sam, one of the leading characters, is a werewolf in winter and a human in summer with a deep love and longing for Grace. He plays the guitar. These mitts were created for cold guitar player hands, keeping them warm and showing off Sam’s love to Grace in a eternity cable symbol. They include a secret plektrum pocket – it was a wonderful designing time!

sam mitts 1


sam mitts 4


sam mitts 2



As a dyer I’m often drawn to particular colours. What’s your dream colour palette?

Wonderful question! My dream colour palette is teal, gold and all shades of brown – from hazelnut to deep chocolate brown. It lets me think of the sun rising above a wild forest —


One blog post that I think will resonate with a lot of designers is where you talk about your fear of designing a garment . It’s a story with a happy ending, and a lovely garment. What made you change your mind and cast on?

Mmmh. I think I must blame my knitting group – they kept teasing me about avoiding sweaters and constantly ranting about my fishy reasons to start one – you know, ‘it is a too long project’, ‘I will regret having started it when I have to frog the whole thing’, ‘The shaping is too difficult’ … yada-yada-yada. And they were so right! I promised myself that I would block one and a half month for knitting a cardigan – the way I have always dreamt about how it should be – and finish it for wearing on my birthday! Done it! It was an amazing feeling – and my knitting group had to search for something different to tease me… Now it is the never-growing Nuvem!

Thank you for answering all these questions. You can find more of Kati on her blog, , and follow link to find her on Instagram, pinterest, twitter and facebook

Finally, a couple of photos of some gorgeous designs. I’m off to hunt through my stash and cast on……..


pop 2





All photos used with kind permission of Kati Mohr



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