Britsock Socks

The latest Edition of The Knitter magazine has some gorgeous socks made in our Britsock yarn.

Cuboid socks by Clare Devine

Cuboid_copyright_The Knitter_Philip Sowels_1Cuboid_copyright_The Knitter_Philip Sowels_2



copyright The Knitter / Philip Sowels

Aren’t they stunning?

Clare also has a sock book available – Sock Anatomy. Dissecting Socks: Heels and Toes (£9)

Sock Anatomy_cover shot


This is a collection of nine patterns featuring different heels and toes and is a fantastic way to explore new sock knitting techniques while creating gorgeous mini socks. 
From July 2014 Clare will be adding adult sizes to this ebook. Initially they will be added as single patterns and will be available free of charge with the purchase of the ebook, once all nine adult patterns have been released they will become a new ebook. The first two patterns to are Tarsi-Grande and Brevis-Grande (July 2014). The next two patterns will be Bursa and Flexor (these will come out in September 2014)
Find out more at



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