Happy Bank Holiday

Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK – so tradition suggests that it’s likely to rain which will give me the excuse I need to get comfy on the sofa and knit.

Most of the dyeing that happened this week is destined for next week’s update – we have an amazing new laceweight yarn making it’s debut. So to make space the existing lace yarns have moved over to the sale page where they have 25% off.

Also on the sale page are the remaining colour block yarns (both sock yarn and laceweight). I’ve been playing with a different way of making these, so you can save 20% on existing stock. I have no immediate plans to repeat the 50g skeins, so if you’ve been thinking about these grab them now.

Finally for the sale section are the take five yarns we have in stock – again these are going to be updated so existing stock is discounted.

I’ve been playing with one of my favourite colourways – Octarine – and it looks gorgeous on Britsock in both pale and normals (if Octarine can be normal) versions.



The stock which came back from the pop up wool show has been added to the shop too – so once again we have pink mini skein sets in stock.

I’ve added the new and sale yarns to the shop so they’re available to buy now.

Happy shopping.


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