Small But Perfectly Formed

You know those weeks when you start off full of plans? And then you watch it all go wrong? It’s been one of weeks. Between replacing a computer and watching the tower on it die after 24 hours, through having BT decide that occasional broadband is perfectly fine to having to sort out more home care for an elderly friend – well it would be fair to say that there have been moments when I’ve longed to go and dye things rather than deal with everything else! Instead we’ve managed one day this week in the workshop – and a fair bit of that was a wholesale order.

So it’s fair to say that this week’s update is small. But equally fair to say that I love it – I’ve already wound up a skein for my ravellenic knitting project.

 photo IMG_1937_zps9e168b17.jpg

Rainbow in SparkLynne 4ply

 photo IMG_1938_zps481efc22.jpg

Blackened Rainbow in SparkLynne 4ply

 photo IMG_1942_zps5ddcafa6.jpg

Crocus in 4ply sock yarn

 photo IMG_1941_zps91e92e19.jpg

Night Sky in 4ply sock yarn

 photo IMG_1939_zps05f01076.jpg

 photo IMG_1940_zps4c658d6c.jpg

Out of the darkness in 4ply sock yarn. There are 2 versions of this – one is a rainbow on absolute black, the other a rainbow on a deep charcoal.

The shop will be updated at 1900 tomorrow.

Happy Shopping


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