Fifty Years and the Festive Season

This week’s shop update is a rather interesting selection. Or to put it another way there was a road closure which delayed the arrival of 50kg of yarn, so there wasn’t a huge amount available to dye.

For those of you looking for 4ply merino and silk I can promise that will be in next week’s shop update.

So for this week we have fun things.

First up, 2 ways to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who

 photo IMG_1786_zpscccf8ac3.jpg

4ply SparkLynne yarn in Bigger on the Inside

 photo IMG_1787_zpsb51ddcd7.jpg

4ply same difference yarn in Bigger on the Inside

Then some festive fun

 photo IMG_1788_zps2c479127.jpg

4ply sock yarn in Jolly Holly

 photo IMG_1789_zpsa4d9e6e6.jpg

4ply same difference yarn in Jolly Holly

 photo IMG_1790_zpsde59a8a8.jpg

4ply sock yarn in rainbow

 photo IMG_1791_zps37948c23.jpg

4ply sock yarn in blackened rainbow

 photo IMG_1792_zpsa17d9232.jpg

4ply sock yarn in Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

 photo IMG_1793_zpsa52f6231.jpg

4ply SparkLynne sock yarn in Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

2 more 4ply SparkLynne yarns

 photo IMG_1794_zps41e47ff9.jpg

Bitter Chocolate

 photo IMG_1795_zps49268bff.jpg

Dark Olive

And finally for this week something rather special.

The chance to have a 100% cashmere hat for £14.

We were lucky enough to get a tiny batch of DK cashmere – it’s a mill end from a very well known fashion house and it is really gorgeous stuff.

 photo IMG_1740_zpsbc8cdfac.jpg

I knitted the hat from less than 50g of the cashmere, and it made it’s debut at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate, where it was much tried on and admired. There isn’t a huge amount of the yarn left, and we’ll be sending a copy of the pattern with each skein. It would make a gorgeous present for a knitter – or a gorgeous hat if you wanted to do the knitting yourself.

There are 6 colours available and each 50 gram skein has 173 meters in it.

 photo IMG_1796_zps40fd268e.jpg


 photo IMG_1797_zpsa407d8d7.jpg


 photo IMG_1798_zps87403337.jpg

Blackened Violet

 photo IMG_1800_zps8d4bbf34.jpg


 photo IMG_1801_zpse1d292b3.jpg


 photo IMG_1802_zps786ba9ca.jpg

Blackened Red

The 2014 clubs will also go on sale this evening – you can read the blog post about them here.

Happy shopping


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