2014 Clubs

The new yarn clubs for 2014 will be available in the shop from 1900 tomorrow (that’s Friday 29th November)

There are 3 clubs for you to choose between.

The 7 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Club will be replaced by A Little Bit Of What You Fancy. Once again there will be an exclusive sock pattern from Rachel Coopey each month. This year we’ve decided to add a little bit of colour to the club so as well as 100g of the main colour you’ll also receive 2 10g skeins of a contrast colour. Patterns will be designed so you can complete them using the main colour only if you’d prefer to. You can choose between sock yarn and SparkLynne sock yarn for this club. Colours and patterns will take inspiration from 12 well loved fairy tales, and as usual we’ll be interpreting them in our own special way. As in 2013 a yarn only option is available. There are no plans to repeat colours that club members get, so your yarns will be truly exclusive to the club.

The Loud and Soft club will be replaced by the Fairy Tale Club. My inspiration for this is 12 well known fairy tales, so there will a mix of bright and quiet,light and dark – but always at least 4 colours in each skein. Once again you can choose between sock yarn and SparkLynne sock yarn. There’s no pattern with this club, so you can enjoy choosing your favourite designs to knit.

The Mini Skein Club will continue as it is with 7 semi solid or multi coloured skeins each month. Although the mini skein clubs are unchanged, you’ll still need to sign up to keep receiving parcels as we won’t be sending out invoices for the January clubs.

Prices have been held wherever possible. A Little Bit Of What You Fancy will be £3 more expensive than this year – so simply the cost of the additional yarn.

One thing that is changing is the date that clubs will be posted out. Posting on the 3rd Monday of each month means you’re not always sure when clubs are due, so in 2014 we’re going back to posting clubs at the start of the month. We’ll also be invoicing on the 1st of each month with payment due for the 15th.

You can choose how long you’d like to sign up and pay for and if you’d like to be invoiced each time your renewal is due. If you’d like to sign up and pay for 1 month at a time add one club place to your basket. If you’d like to pay for 3 months at a time add 3 club places to your basket. To pay for your clubs for the whole year add 12 places to your basket. This gives you complete flexibility, and hopefully helps you to pay and budget in the way that works best for you.

Once again you can choose to be invoiced each time your renewal is due, so you don’t have to remember to keep buying each month’s parcels. So if you buy 3 month’s worth of club places, we’ll invoice you every 3 months. If you buy 1 month’s place we’ll send an invoice out each month.

You’ll be able to see all of the pricing details from 1700 tomorrow, and you’ll be able to buy club places from 1900.

There is also some yarn for the update tomorrow – but I’ll leave that for a blog post tomorrow and let you contemplate club details for now.

Many thanks


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