Blackened Rainbows

One of the first things to sell out during the recent Yarndale show was the mini skein sets – and the ones which went first were the blackened rainbows.

 photo IMG_1676_zpsfcc4ec88.jpg

There are also more of the normal rainbow sets

 photo IMG_1675_zps1155347f.jpg

There’s also the chance to get the October mini skein club sets

 photo IMG_1677_zps05ed1921.jpg

semi solid colours

 photo IMG_1678_zps5e43f766.jpg

multi colours

For the first time the blackened colours will also be available as 50 gram skeins of merino nylon sock yarn

 photo IMG_1666_zps31cbae82.jpg

blackened red

 photo IMG_1667_zpsbd199293.jpg

blackened orange

 photo IMG_1668_zpse99922ad.jpg

blackened yellow

 photo IMG_1669_zpsac3502b8.jpg

blackened green

 photo IMG_1670_zps7afa134f.jpg

blackened turquoise

 photo IMG_1671_zps0658761e.jpg

blackened blue

 photo IMG_1672_zps20b6198e.jpg

blackened violet

 photo IMG_1674_zps61b4c2be.jpg

blackened lime

 photo IMG_1673_zps5b7358d8.jpg

blackened pink

Then there’s the last of the current batch of BRITSOCK – I have lots more ordered from John Arbon, but for now this is the last of it.

 photo IMG_1662_zpsfafde6bf.jpg

semi solid violet

 photo IMG_1663_zps9a415269.jpg

semi solid navy

 photo IMG_1664_zps1d0efcf9.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_1661_zps9f5416dd.jpg

self striping Bagpuss

 photo IMG_1660_zps9f31617c.jpg

self striping Pretty In Pink

 photo IMG_1659_zps35d364d8.jpg

self striping Ocean

The shop update will take place at 1900 on Friday.

Happy shopping


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