Introducing BRITSOCK

BRITSOCK made it’s debut last weekend at Yarndale – and it was lovely to see so many people love it as much as I do. From tomorrow it will be available in the shop – and I’ve already commissioned the next batch as we don’t have much of the first batch left.

So what is BRITSOCK ?

BRITSOCK is a fantastic new yarn which has been custom spun for us in the UK by John Arbon.

BRITSOCK is British through and through. It’s made up from 40% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% Wensleydale, 20% Alpaca and 20% nylon. The wools and alpaca are British, and even the nylon was sourced in the UK.

BRITSOCK has been spun with a high twist to make it more hard wearing. This also means that the stitch definition is fantastic, so this yarn really lends itself to texture and cables which will show up beautifully. With 400 meters to each 100 gram skein there’s plenty of yarn even for larger feet.

BRITSOCK isn’t just for socks though as it’s a lovely soft yarn which I’d be happy to have next to my skin. The yarn has a fantastic bounce to it, making it ideal for hats, scarves and shawls – anything where you want warmth without weight.

BRITSOCK isn’t superwash, so we’d recommend handwashing to keep it looking it’s best. However I can report that I’ve put a swatch through the washing machine on a wool wash and it was happy, and it isn’t a yarn which will felt as soon as you look at it.

So on to the colours.

At the moment we have semi solid colours at £14.50 a skein and some self striping colourways at £21.00 a skein.

 photo IMG_1563_zpsc945cc0e.jpg

semi solid copper

 photo IMG_1564_zps939958c8.jpg

semi solid red

 photo IMG_1565_zpsc9ca7401.jpg

semi solid chocolate

 photo IMG_1566_zps74028da9.jpg

semi solid blue

 photo IMG_1567_zps4758b990.jpg

semi solid navy

 photo IMG_1568_zpse869ddce.jpg

semi solid violet

 photo IMG_1569_zps19a32ea4.jpg

semi solid jade

 photo IMG_1570_zpsfe226853.jpg

semi solid green

 photo IMG_1571_zpsaa1e8cbb.jpg

semi solid charcoal

 photo IMG_1572_zps7c711800.jpg

semi solid electric blue

 photo IMG_1573_zps5a3c55a5.jpg

semi solid raspberry

 photo IMG_1574_zps6e370d89.jpg

semi solid treacle

 photo IMG_1576_zps30b955be.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_1577_zps6ce58cec.jpg

semi solid slate

 photo IMG_1578_zpsf0ade38c.jpg

self striping bramble

 photo IMG_1579_zpsb48a169a.jpg

self striping chilli pepper

 photo IMG_1580_zps45a832bc.jpg

self striping violet and silver

 photo IMG_1581_zps2b4aeea7.jpg

self striping red and blue

If self striping sock yarn is your thing there are 3 new colourways to choose from in our superwash merino and nylon base.

 photo IMG_1582_zps935c3f5d.jpg

self striping heatwave

 photo IMG_1583_zps4fc06fcc.jpg

self striping ocean

 photo IMG_1584_zpsd5d1b962.jpg

self striping not just pretty

We’ve added more colours of Bluefaced chunky roving

 photo IMG_1555_zps5cf47324.jpg

semi solid raspberry

 photo IMG_1556_zps97492d78.jpg

semi solid copper

 photo IMG_1557_zpsc9c852a4.jpg

semi solid bitter chocolate

 photo IMG_1558_zps68424f07.jpg

semi solid navy

There are more merino and tencel 4ply colours

 photo IMG_1560_zps0fef4b4e.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_1561_zpsb7912f71.jpg

semi solid charcoal

The semi solid sock yarns are all back in stock

 photo IMG_1554_zpsd98c64c1.jpg

semi solid bitter chocolate

 photo IMG_1553_zpsbd1a945e.jpg

semi solid electric blue

There are mini skein sets

 photo IMG_1598_zpsd4228da0.jpg

Black Rainbow

 photo IMG_1600_zpsab6e00a9.jpg

Silver Rainbow

There are lots and lots of semi solid mini skein colours.

 photo IMG_1594_zps25ccacc8.jpg

semi solid rose

Finally there will be lots of bargains in the sale shop as we’re making space for some new treasures.

The shop update will take place at 1900 on Friday.

Happy shopping


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2 Responses to Introducing BRITSOCK

  1. pambaknj says:

    How can you get thou yarn in the US? I live in Virginia.

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