Spellcheck Is Finally My Friend

There are days when I think that my spellcheck is out to get me – especially when I’m typing on my ipad. But something good has come from it.

My lovely friend Claire was posting about some yarn she’s bought (herb moon) and her plans to combine it with some undyed yarn That makes perfect sense to me. The spellcheck however decided that undead yarn was a much more sensible option.

How could I resist the fun of dyeing up an undead colourway?

 photo IMG_1451_zps237da1ba.jpg

Undead 4ply sock yarn

 photo IMG_1449_zpsc469c56d.jpg

Undead SparkLynne 4ply

 photo IMG_1447_zpsfea30b98.jpg

Undead BFL roving

There are a few more BFL roving colours

 photo IMG_1448_zpsd249bcaa.jpg

Natural Beauty

 photo IMG_1446_zps28e378e5.jpg

semi solid charcoal

 photo IMG_1445_zps15e462fa.jpg

semi solid plum

There’s a restock of a couple of colours of 4ply sock yarn

 photo IMG_1438_zpsb66aa052.jpg

semi solid lime

 photo IMG_1439_zps90cd72cb.jpg

semi solid coral

There’s the next yar in the lunar series

 photo IMG_1450_zps76b8f575.jpg

Chrysanthemum Moon

And finally for now there’s laceweight cashmere

 photo IMG_1443_zps05cdf42b.jpg

semi solid plum

 photo IMG_1442_zps8b611e24.jpg

semi solid green

 photo IMG_1440_zps69dfc3e7.jpg

semi solid charcoal

 photo IMG_1441_zps4e7fb684.jpg

semi solid violet

 photo IMG_1444_zpsa588e7c9.jpg

semi solid blue

The shop will be updated with these yarns at 1900 UK time tomorrow.

Happy shopping


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