Weekly Update

This is the first week we’ve really had time to be in the workshop. The sink has been plumbed in this afternoon, so there will be no more trying to fill dye pots from the smallest sink in the world.

It’s so nice to finally have enough space to work in. I’m planning on a final bit of organising over the weekend, then from Monday we should be all set to really get going.

So on to the yarn for tomorrow’s update.

First there are same difference sock yarns

 photo IMG_1364_zps83824c50.jpg


 photo IMG_1365_zps256e5445.jpg

After Dinner Mint

 photo IMG_1366_zpsdf3dda2b.jpg

Not Just A Pretty Face

 photo IMG_1362_zpsa869a2ab.jpg


 photo IMG_1361_zps39939291.jpg


 photo IMG_1363_zps4f142f88.jpg


Then there are sock yarns

 photo IMG_1395_zpsdb67df25.jpg

Barley Moon

 photo IMG_1367_zpseeeeb5b7.jpg

Falling In Love

 photo IMG_1368_zps889945f6.jpg

First Love

 photo IMG_1369_zps2f61eaf2.jpg

Printer Ink

 photo IMG_1370_zpsf7ce786d.jpg

Flower Power

 photo IMG_1371_zpsecef306c.jpg

Two Tone Plum

 photo IMG_1372_zps527488b3.jpg

Two Tone Purple Haze

 photo IMG_1373_zps8f2df92d.jpg


Then we needed to check the workshop setup to make sure Bobbie could wind lots of mini skeins.

She can. Hurrah!

 photo IMG_1374_zpsad5721e8.jpg

Apple Pie

 photo IMG_1376_zpsfa9cc37a.jpg

Caramel Crunch

 photo IMG_1375_zpsec212d15.jpg

Red Sky

 photo IMG_1377_zpsf54ebbfb.jpg

Indigo Cloud

 photo IMG_1378_zpsbaea5e92.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_1381_zpsf8c57365.jpg


 photo IMG_1379_zps765d7083.jpg

Candy Twist

 photo IMG_1380_zpsa63e651a.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1384_zps66fdebde.jpg

Rowan Moon

 photo IMG_1382_zps185678b6.jpg

Summer Sun

 photo IMG_1383_zps10262b06.jpg

Silver Sky

 photo IMG_1386_zps8bf38595.jpg

Colour Pop Purple

 photo IMG_1385_zps19285b9e.jpg

Workshop – this was a skein I painted when I was teaching to show a couple of techniques.

These yarns will all be available from 1900 tomorrow in the shop

The end of August is getting close, and that means it’s almost the end of raising money to Save Mutonia . To date £196 has been donated. Until midnight on Saturday we’ll donate £5 for each skein of 4ply alpaca, silk and cashmere sold. Just in case that’s not the yarn for you we’ll also donate £1 for each 50g or 100g skein of any other yarn that you buy.

Happy shopping.


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