Weekly Update

This week seems to have flown past in a blur of sunny days. It’s perfect working weather for me as yarn dries in a few hours. Bliss.

So lots of new yarn for the update this week.

First up is the latest of the lunar series – Herbal Moon

 photo IMG_1256_zpsfea81e73.jpg

Then there’s lots of sock yarn

 photo IMG_1258_zps2ca55e77.jpg

Printer Ink

 photo IMG_1259_zps5bfae322.jpg

Brown Owl

 photo IMG_1257_zpsd28c1bac.jpg

Flower Power

 photo IMG_1260_zps696bc93e.jpg

Caramel Crunch

 photo IMG_1261_zps66711fbe.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1265_zpsc32b9b0b.jpg

Brick Wall

 photo IMG_1263_zps34845f96.jpg


 photo IMG_1262_zpsa1fcf0e8.jpg

Lavender Field

There will be a restock of lots of semi solid colours including semi solid violet.

 photo IMG_1267_zps4b4681d3.jpg

There are same difference sock yarns

 photo IMG_1249_zpsf00452c8.jpg


 photo IMG_1254_zps91950d80.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1251_zpsd9967675.jpg


 photo IMG_1250_zps9ce8853c.jpg

After Dinner Mint

 photo IMG_1255_zps2097aa89.jpg

Blue Sky

 photo IMG_1278_zps25859b12.jpg

Not Just A Pretty Face

 photo IMG_1280_zps44d393a7.jpg

Jelly Bean

 photo IMG_1279_zpse447f537.jpg

Glamour Puss

 photo IMG_1282_zps36111000.jpg


 photo IMG_1281_zps6b33d03d.jpg

Pretty In Pink

 photo IMG_1283_zps37220cfa.jpg

Sweet Pea

 photo IMG_1284_zps535e55b0.jpg


 photo IMG_1288_zps01852f50.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_1290_zpsb4b3f4f5.jpg


 photo IMG_1289_zps42f54586.jpg

Storm Cloud

 photo IMG_1287_zps92ce3eab.jpg

Finally there are mini skeins

The July mini skein sets will be available and there are more undyed mini skeins too.

And there’s more.

 photo IMG_1277_zps7a1b7c2d.jpg

Blue Ocean

 photo IMG_1275_zpsc28ea8ca.jpg


 photo IMG_1276_zpsa921c981.jpg

Double Dipped Red and Blue

 photo IMG_1273_zps0bc3416a.jpg

Floral Moon

 photo IMG_1274_zps7b053746.jpg


 photo IMG_1272_zps290c3022.jpg

First Beach

 photo IMG_1271_zpsb0ce241f.jpg


 photo IMG_1270_zpsf09bad5d.jpg


The shop update will take place at 1900 on Friday.

There will be no shop update next Friday as we’ll be setting up for Fibre East. If you’d like to place an order and collect it at the show then use the collect at show option when you check out and you won’t pay any postage.

Happy shopping.


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