Weekly Update Part 2

As promised – more yarn.

There’s the latest of the lunar series – Starwberry Moon

 photo IMG_1226_zpsee638085.jpg

There’s Sparklynne sock yarn

 photo IMG_1222_zps295fa731.jpg

semi solid green

 photo IMG_1223_zps6443295e.jpg

semi solid lime

 photo IMG_1224_zps8c70cc66.jpg

semi solid violet

 photo IMG_1225_zpsee9ca1da.jpg

lavender field

There’s a restock of all the colours from When Granny Weatherwax Knits Socks

 photo IMG_1227_zps4208e1e0.jpg


 photo IMG_1228_zpsb646f138.jpg


 photo IMG_1229_zpsafbdc6be.jpg

Draco Lunaris

 photo IMG_1230_zps1e37c34c.jpg

Death’s Broccoli

 photo IMG_1231_zps962f2358.jpg

Medicine from Forn Parts

 photo IMG_1232_zpsf75cfe60.jpg


There are lots of semi solid sock yarn colours

 photo IMG_1233_zps81f157b8.jpg

semi solid dog rose

 photo IMG_1234_zpse09548aa.jpg

semi solid coal

 photo IMG_1235_zps2b685a4b.jpg

semi solid navy

 photo IMG_1236_zpsd1738ad7.jpg

semi solid beige

 photo IMG_1237_zpsfd9e130a.jpg

semi solid raspberry

 photo IMG_1238_zps25d47e50.jpg

semi solid caramel

 photo IMG_1239_zpsdbec072d.jpg

semi solid biscuit

I’ve also been doing a bit of housekeeping, so there will some new additions to the sale shop this evening.

The update goes live at 1900.

Happy shopping


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