Weekly Update Part 1

There are lots of new yarns for the shop update tomorrow, so I thought I’d split the update into two parts and post the second tomorrow morning.

Part 1 is all about mini skeins

The last of the June mini skein clubs will be available

 photo IMG_1198_zps93bfabbc.jpg

semi solid colours

 photo IMG_1199_zps1f4292d1.jpg

multi colours

Then there are masses of individual mini skeins.

 photo IMG_1200_zps497fe8bd.jpg

Vivid first beach

 photo IMG_1201_zps30cc9fe8.jpg


 photo IMG_1202_zpsf2f21243.jpg

Rainbow Corners

 photo IMG_1203_zpsa45bbf38.jpg

Printer Ink

 photo IMG_1204_zps30247131.jpg

Lavender Field

 photo IMG_1205_zps98681500.jpg

Regal Corners

 photo IMG_1206_zpsc95feeb7.jpg


 photo IMG_1207_zps87aa304c.jpg

Salsa Corners

 photo IMG_1208_zps23feafdd.jpg

Two Tone Sweet Pea

 photo IMG_1209_zpsefb95f82.jpg

Candy Crush

 photo IMG_1210_zpsa62d2d33.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1211_zpseea2c704.jpg

Red Orchid

 photo IMG_1212_zpse1a4fde9.jpg

Piscine Moon

 photo IMG_1213_zpsc8db713f.jpg

Flower Power Corners

 photo IMG_1214_zps4495b42e.jpg


 photo IMG_1215_zpsd0ed29e0.jpg

Heatwave Corners

 photo IMG_1216_zps2052b060.jpg


 photo IMG_1217_zps02b733e6.jpg

Two Tone Sunset

 photo IMG_1218_zps963064de.jpg

Two Tone Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1219_zps09e8bcfa.jpg

Evening Sky

 photo IMG_1220_zps470f899c.jpg

Two Tone Yellow

Lots more great yarns to come tomorrow.


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