This May Make Your Eyes Go Funny

I’ve been keen to learn some new sewing skills, so when the chance came up to take the sewing with knits class from Wendy Ward I jumped at the chance.

First I had to find something suitable to work with. Avoiding the sensible option of something in a plain colour I chose this.

 photo IMG_1194_zps03a424e9.jpg

Knitted fabric with a print of knitted fabric on it. I found this in Ditto.

So Sunday morning saw me heading for Brighton feeling slightly nervous at the prospect of managing a new to me sewing machine.

The class was an absolute delight. There were 5 students, so there was lots of time available for each of us to ask questions and get help.

The class started with us looking at the fabric that each student had brought – so lots of drooling and squishing. Then we got to decide what we wanted to make.

Wendy has her own range of patterns which we worked from. They’re the kind of clothes that you’ll search the shops for and give up in despair because nothing is quite right. These are the clothes I want in my wardrobe.

I chose to make the draped cardigan, but it was a tough choice. One genius thing about this class is that Wendy has samples of her designs made up so you can find out if something will work for you before you spend hours transforming your fabric into something which doesn’t quite work. Three of us chose the cardigan, and the other two students went for different dress designs. I especially liked the cowl necked dress – pattern release coming soon.

We marked and cut out pieces – and realised that choosing to make a cardigan with bands and cuffs was going to take a fair bit of sewing.

Then it was on to the fine art of sewing knitted fabric with a standard machine. It was easy. Really easy. That, of course, lies with Wendy’s skill as a teacher. Since I started sewing again late last year I’ve looked at several patterns which need stretch fabrics and have decided against them. I’m convinced that I can tackle them now.

Six hours flew past. There were two finished dresses. There were no finished cardigans – but all three of us were happy that we’d easily manage to get finished up at home.

My finished garment

 photo IMG_1192_zpse9a87cdc.jpg

 photo IMG_1193_zps5185d80f.jpg

I didn’t sew the cuffs on in the end because I had enough length in the sleeve to turn back a little hem. I already want to make another one of these for summer – and one in thicker jersey like one of the workshop samples.

So I’m totally converted to the idea of sewing with knits.

Now I just need some more fabric………

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