Bring on the weekend

It’s been a bit of a week – so the prospect of a long weekend is especially lovely.

Just in case you fancied kicking off the weekend with a bit of stash enhancing we have lots of lovely new yarns to tempt you.

Laceweight BFL and silk

 photo IMG_1022_zpsbd985e43.jpg

 photo IMG_1023_zps5e078cc7.jpg

 photo IMG_1024_zps71ee10fd.jpg

Laceweight merino and tencel

 photo IMG_1020_zps93df8b36.jpg

 photo IMG_1019_zps26118cb5.jpg

 photo IMG_1021_zps2262f023.jpg

SparkLynne laceweight

 photo IMG_1035_zps02afc197.jpg

 photo IMG_1036_zpsa8f6216d.jpg

 photo IMG_1037_zps59aa901a.jpg

 photo IMG_1038_zps5bad22df.jpg

Sock yarn in semi solid colours

 photo IMG_1039_zpsc4b172d6.jpg

 photo IMG_1040_zps58faae99.jpg

 photo IMG_1041_zps7e5dfbb7.jpg

 photo IMG_1042_zps81b90a4a.jpg

 photo IMG_1043_zps5e8906e9.jpg

 photo IMG_1044_zps41510dce.jpg

 photo IMG_1045_zps9d5a1a21.jpg

There are same difference sock yarns

 photo IMG_1046_zps51e0026b.jpg

 photo IMG_1047_zps4e8c0bb0.jpg

 photo IMG_1048_zpsc5a641f9.jpg

There’s the return of several club yarn favourites

 photo IMG_1050_zpsf929eb9a.jpg

 photo IMG_1051_zpsd674de0b.jpg

 photo IMG_1052_zpsabbb5311.jpg

 photo IMG_1053_zps6ba51cdf.jpg

Finally there’s more of the marshmallows and unicorns colourway in both sock and SparkLynne sock yarn

 photo IMG_1049_zpsd69bf594.jpg

 photo IMG_1054_zps83e603e7.jpg

The shop update will take place at 1900 this evening.

Happy shopping


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