Coop Knits Socks – The Book!

Hello! It’s Rachel here, I’m sneaking on to the blog to tell you about my brand new book of sock patterns. 


Of course I used one of my favourite socks yarns – The Knitting Goddess merino nylon sock yarn. It’s a smooth yarn with great stitch definition. 

I used it for this pair:




This pattern is Saltburn (a seaside I went to as a child), sailor stripes decorate cuff and toe, while a cable and texture pattern undulates across these nautical inspired socks.

I also used that yarn for this pair:


These are Budleigh, a cabled, mirrored pattern with rippling twisted stitches flowing along the leg and foot of these socks, inspired by the sandy ridges left by an outgoing tide.

You can see all the patterns here and pre-order the print book here (orders will be shipping out very soon), every copy of the print book will contain a code to enable you to download the eBook free of charge.

A kit including a book, a 100g skein of The Knitting Goddess merino nylon sock yarn in semi solid turquoise, a bag from NicKnots and a set of 10 Ringo stitch markers is also available here

We’re planning a Knit-a-long in my Ravelry group, come and join in!




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