Playing With Rainbows

There are lots of rainbow mini skein sets in tomorrow’s shop update.

 photo IMG_0845_zps1c76e21c.jpg


 photo IMG_0841_zps4160def0.jpg

Lime Rainbow

 photo IMG_0842_zpsd4fbe465.jpg

Charcoal Rainbow

 photo IMG_0843_zpsf3633a9f.jpg

Black Rainbow

 photo IMG_0846_zps3eaf544c.jpg

Chocolate Rainbow

 photo IMG_0847_zps3aa462ac.jpg

White Rainbow

 photo IMG_0844_zps38059f75.jpg

Pale Rainbow

 photo IMG_0848_zps2c01085d.jpg

SparkLynne Rainbow

There are 8 experimental skeins of sock yarn – called experiment 1 to 8. There’s only one skein of each of these.

 photo IMG_0833_zps679b18b4.jpg

 photo IMG_0834_zps677f646a.jpg

 photo IMG_0835_zpsb316c26f.jpg

 photo IMG_0836_zpsb01fa34d.jpg

 photo IMG_0837_zps3578d331.jpg

 photo IMG_0838_zpsdd349280.jpg

 photo IMG_0839_zps0457b112.jpg

 photo IMG_0840_zpsabb71bca.jpg

Then there are more sock yarns

 photo IMG_0832_zpsc88a4a51.jpg


 photo IMG_0831_zps9e3e2a05.jpg

Dark Sugar Moon

 photo IMG_0830_zps7b62aa86.jpg

Sugar Moon

 photo IMG_0829_zps64d7f05d.jpg

Brown Owl

 photo IMG_0828_zps5a24ec8e.jpg

Red Orchid

 photo IMG_0827_zps206a525b.jpg

Winter Sun

 photo IMG_0826_zps4999e8b4.jpg

Brick Wall

 photo IMG_0825_zpsbfc31eeb.jpg

Lavender Field

 photo IMG_0824_zpsaf5b3cdd.jpg

Pale Lavender Field
 photo IMG_0823_zps3d009cb7.jpg


The shop update will take place at 1900 on Friday.

Happy shopping


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