Weekly Update

There’s lots of new yarn ready for the update tomorrow.

Mini skeins have been flying off the shelves, so we’ve added more.

 photo IMG_0783_zps776863ca.jpg

Sugar Moon

 photo IMG_0784_zps7910e60a.jpg

Beech Leaves

 photo IMG_0785_zps1053cfb5.jpg

Cat Walk

 photo IMG_0786_zpsf64d0f30.jpg

Midnight Sky

 photo IMG_0787_zps25f7e3f4.jpg

Unwrap and Enjoy

 photo IMG_0788_zps2f8f1f75.jpg

Copper Sun

Then there’s lace weight cashmere in multi colours

 photo IMG_0796_zps3f3778a2.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_0797_zps03879f6c.jpg

Red Orchid

 photo IMG_0798_zps5b71c326.jpg

Indian Ocean

 photo IMG_0799_zps1a309f9f.jpg


 photo IMG_0800_zps4efe2ebe.jpg

Natural Beauty

Next up some same difference sock yarns

 photo IMG_0801_zpsa6e4ddd5.jpg


 photo IMG_0802_zpsd4681687.jpg

Gothic Delight

 photo IMG_0803_zps0d4b8b9b.jpg

Pink and Pretty

 photo IMG_0804_zps29164690.jpg

Blue Sky

 photo IMG_0805_zps5131d79c.jpg

Sweet Pea

Then a restock of club yarns from 2012 and 2011.

 photo IMG_0807_zpsc6459c15.jpg

The Luggage

 photo IMG_0808_zps48051293.jpg

First Beach

 photo IMG_0809_zpsa8b7e199.jpg


 photo IMG_0810_zpsdc4ed9e9.jpg

Isle Esme

Then more sock yarn

 photo IMG_0811_zps89a33113.jpg

Sari Corners

 photo IMG_0812_zps9b4b81ea.jpg

Indian Summer Corners

 photo IMG_0813_zps357ae463.jpg

Flower Power Corners

 photo IMG_0814_zps1650588c.jpg

Indian Ocean Corners

 photo IMG_0815_zps7a9e6f00.jpg


 photo IMG_0816_zps827f0186.jpg

Setting Sun

 photo IMG_0817_zps8f68aa50.jpg

Chocolate Box

A restock of Sugar Moon which sold out very quickly last week

 photo IMG_0818_zps97f59b97.jpg

And finally – a trio of semi solid sock yarns.

 photo IMG_0822_zpse04c5805.jpg

Teal, Navy and Slate

The new colours will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

Happy shopping


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