Best Of British

This week we have something very special as part of the update – a 100% British yarn which has created for baa ram ewe.

You might remember that there was a competition to choose colours that represented Yorkshire. When the yarn arrived for me to dye it was so lovely that I knew I wanted some for the shop. Supplies are very limited. So limited that in the end I only had 3 kilos to play with. More has been ordered – but for now this is all we have.

I’ve chosen to dye up colourways that have been popular, and it felt right to include the first colourway I dyed and sold – that’s Lavender Field.

The yarn is 50% Wensleydale, 20% Bluefaced Leicester and 30% UK Alpaca. Each 100 gram skein is approximately 320 meters long and will cost £18.

 photo IMG_0601_zps910cdce8.jpg

Lavender Field

 photo IMG_0602_zps2b95ca85.jpg

Red Orchid

 photo IMG_0603_zps44b012a4.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_0604_zps50034b53.jpg

Indian Summer

 photo IMG_0605_zpsd4d4630c.jpg

Stormy Sea

 photo IMG_0606_zps9af9e0ef.jpg


For the sock yarn addicts amongst you there are three new colourways which nod to the fact that summer is coming. By painting dyeing corners of the skein and leaving areas undyed, the colourway is lighter and fresher. All we need now is some sun.

 photo IMG_0610_zps6d2a1c4a.jpg

Sweep Pea Corners

 photo IMG_0609_zps8e493c88.jpg

Salsa Corners

 photo IMG_0608_zpsde9a98ec.jpg

Harebell Corners

There’s also more of the Octarine yarn from When Granny Weatherwax Knits Socks

 photo IMG_0599_zpsdd43a8a8.jpg

And there’s another sock yarn based on one of the experiments which flew out of the shop on the last update.

 photo IMG_0607_zps068b2518.jpg

Midnight Sky

The update will take place at 1900 tomorrow – and as always there will be early bird offers and treats available to newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t done so already you can sign up here.

March yarn clubs are almost ready to go, so that means you can sign up for the April instalment. So if you want mini skeins, sock yarn or sparklynne yarn each month we have something you’ll love.

Happy shopping


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