Dyeing Up Rainbows

Last week’s update was all about yarns for socks, and this week I wanted to offer some 100 gram options which would make amazing shawls and scarves. These yarns are handpainted to produce blocks of colour, and they can be found in the Hand Painted section of the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

First up, 5 colourways in our sock yarn base

 photo IMG_0544_zps1831d781.jpg


 photo IMG_0543_zps687d4c18.jpg


 photo IMG_0542_zps56288018.jpg

Red to Charcoal

 photo IMG_0541_zpsa8f9e1a6.jpg

Violet to Charcoal

 photo IMG_0540_zps12f231a3.jpg

Violet to Pearl

The same colours are also available in 100 gram balls of SparkLynne 4ply

 photo IMG_0549_zps4c7fdeaa.jpg

SparkLynne Rainbow

 photo IMG_0548_zps3f8809f5.jpg

SparkLynne Berry

 photo IMG_0547_zps3130ec00.jpg

SparkLynne Red to Charcoal

 photo IMG_0546_zps80f083bf.jpg

SparkLynne Violet to Charcoal

 photo IMG_0545_zpsb17d70f0.jpg

SparkLynne Violet to Pearl

There are also 3 colours of Sparklynne yarn dyed in our ususal way

 photo IMG_0550_zps9f0ec43f.jpg

Indian Summer

 photo IMG_0551_zps5ab1d387.jpg


 photo IMG_0552_zpsd73351ad.jpg

Stormy Sky

Again these yarns will be in the shop at 1900 tomorrow.

Finally, there are two gorgeous patterns usuing our mini skeins in the latest edition of Knit Now. You can find out more about the Bloomsbury Cosies here and you can see other designs by the lovely Anna Elliott here.

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