Self Striping Sock Yarns – With A Difference

A while back I started dyeing up sock blanks and our colour block yarns were born.

Then I decided that I’d like to combine the colour shifts of the colour blocks with some definite stripes – like this:

 photo IMG_0539_zps45c849e3.jpg

Knitted over 69 stitches on 2mm needles the colours change every three rounds or so between black and a colour – and the colours transition over the length of the 50g ball.

There are 5 colours for the update tomorrow

 photo IMG_0533_zps83fd298e.jpg

Black and Turquoise to Green
 photo IMG_0536_zps816cb098.jpg

Black and Orange to Yellow

 photo IMG_0537_zpsad5dd87f.jpg

Black and Red to Blue

 photo IMG_0534_zpsd08538ab.jpg

Black and Shades of Violet

 photo IMG_0535_zpsa3447215.jpg

Black and Shades of Pink

 photo IMG_0534_zpsd08538ab.jpg

There are also 6 new colour block yarns

 photo IMG_0527_zps7aacf887.jpg

Violet to Magenta

 photo IMG_0528_zps47cd763c.jpg

Turquoise to Green

 photo IMG_0532_zps87e7b384.jpg

Red to Blue

 photo IMG_0531_zps5b036804.jpg

Orange to Yellow

 photo IMG_0530_zps6dbfedde.jpg

Shades of Violet

 photo IMG_0529_zps98158977.jpg

Shades of Pink

These yarns will all be listed in the colour block section of the shop.

Also in the update tomorrow is the latest of the yarns from the Granny Weatherwax club to go on general release – Widdle Poons.

The pattern will be available from Rachel Coopey from 1st February – and it’s a beauty.

 photo widdlepoonssocks_zps1edc4cbc.jpg

Picture © Rachel Coopey

This is the yarn

 photo IMG_0538_zps73822488.jpg

All of the yarns shown above will be available in the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

Happy shopping


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2 Responses to Self Striping Sock Yarns – With A Difference

  1. what fantastic colours. I love the purple ones.

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