And The Winner Is……


Long pause……..

Yorkshire Olympic heroine Jessica Ennis received a very special present for her 27th Birthday when it was revealed she’s the inspiration for the final shade of an luxury new knitting yarn range from Leeds based knitting supplier baa ram ewe.

World renowned British & Yorkshire wool specialist baa ram ewe is bringing out an exclusively hand dyed range of its very own yarn Titus with colour palettes inspired by great Yorkshire characters. Four shades: Herriot, Boothroyd, Batty and Bennett were already in the mix when they decided to run a competition to find a fifth shade.

After hundreds of entries, the winner was announced today as Kim Griffiths, who suggested the Sheffield born Olympic champion Jessica Ennis, evoking the Team GB colours of Cobalt Blue and Red with, of course, a touch of Gold!

The Titus Goddess range, complete with the winning entry will be dyed by one the UK’s leading independent hand dyers, The Knitting Goddess Joy McMillan, and it will be launched at baa ram ewe’s new season launch on Thursday 28th February.

baa ram ewe founder Verity Britton, says ‘It was so much fun reading through the entries people had sent in, and it really shows just how many Yorkshire legends there really are. My favourites included Arkwright, Parkinson, Hockey and Whiteley, but the idea of having a yarn dedicated to the wonderful Jess Ennis stood out amongst them all. I couldn’t believe it when I looked on her twitter page today to discover it was her birthday- I hope she likes her present from us here at baa ram ewe!’.

baa ram ewe will be inviting Jess to the launch of the yarn next month and baa ram ewe’s Jo Spreckley says she hopes she can make it up the M1. ‘She’s constantly in demand’ she says ‘but maybe she could long jump from Sheffield up here to Leeds- she’d be here in no time!’.

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