Design a Yarn

I’m thrilled that I can finally let the cat out of the bag about a fantastic collaboration with the lovely people at Baa Ram Ewe.

Here’s all the detail from Baa Ram Ewe’s website.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a very special limited edition range of our wonderful Titus yarn. Titus Goddess is a collaboration with baa ram ewe and British yarn dyer The Knitting Goddess, and will feature a beautiful range of semi solid and multi dye Titus yarns, all inspired by seminal Yorkshire characters.

So far we have Bennett, Boothroyd, Herriot and Batty in our range, but we’re looking for a fifth- could you be the one to create it? All you need to do is suggest a Yorkshire themed name and shade palette, send it to and you could be a winner baby!

The chosen entry will not only have their colourway dyed by The Knitting Goddess as the final “Titius Goddess” shade, but will also recieve a luxury yarn hamper including skeins of Titus, Knitting Goddess yarns, our Born & Bred Book, and Kate Davies’ new Colours of Shetland book too!

Get your thinking (flat)caps on, entries must be recevied by Sunday 27th January. Titus Goddess will hit the shelves on our Spring/Summer new season launch, on Thursday 28th February.

So get thinking – and good luck.

Joy x

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3 Responses to Design a Yarn

  1. Rowan watts says:

    Great news , well done, but would it help if we knew what colour palettes had already been chosen?

    • Interesting thought – but I’d say no. At the minute we have 4 fantastic images which will be used to develop colour ways, and we certainly have ideas but the colours themselves haven’t been finalised. If you have a look at the charity yarns which have been developed from pictures you’ll see that there are lots of ways to go with most pictures. We’d much sooner you came up with the best idea you could rather than something which you felt fitted into a gap in the colours we already have. Then we can look at all five images together and work out what elements will come from each. There will be five multi coloured and five semi solid colour yarns to start with, so we’re not worried that there will be too much similarity.

      So go with the best idea that you have – and good luck.


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