Boozy Bourbon Biscuits

While we were on holiday, I decided that I was going to spend a bit more time doing things I loved. One of the things I love most is baking – I like the pottering about in the kitchen, the ease of putting things together, the amazing smells – and having something delicious at the end of it. It’s all very soothing, and I have a rather large cookery book collection which bears testament to my inability to resist a new biscuit recipe.

Last time we were in Costa for coffee I had a giant bourbon biscuit. I like the ones that come from packets, but this was so much better. So I decided that I’d make my own, and started looking for a recipe.

I found a great recipe on the little loaf blog – it was adapted from the recipe in the Jamie magazine and I made a few changes of my own. I left out the bicarb of soda (mainly because the only pot of it I could find is the one that lives in the garage and gets used after I’ve been acid etching beads). I used self raising flour instead of the plain to compensate for the lack of bicarb.

When it came to the filling I substituted bourbon for amaretto.



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One Response to Boozy Bourbon Biscuits

  1. Scully says:

    Bliss indeed…they look scrummy!

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