Glass Buttons and Poppers

As well as dyeing yarn we’ve been busy melting glass.

There are lots of new colours of tiny glass buttons and these are now available with a shiny finish as well with a matt etched finish.


There are much bigger buttons too – perfect for when you want a single feature. These also work well when sewn onto brooch backs so they can be transferred onto different items.


Then there’s something totally new for us – glass poppers.


Poppers have been about for a while and there’s a range called Noosa Amsterdam which sells poppers (they call them chunks) for bracelets, shoes and belts.

The popper is a 17mm diameter press stud which has a flat bottomed glass shape (called a cabochon) fixed to it.


View of the two popper halves which fit together – you can just see the glass part through the holes in the section on the left of the picture.

The top part of the popper can be fixed into bracelets which already have the bottom part of the popper in place.



The other way to wear them – and this was what fascinated me – is to use them as studs to hold layers of a shawl or scarf in place. I’ve found the poppers cope well with 2 layers of garter stitch in 4ply – so work beautifully with laceweight. The lack of weight means that knits don’t get pulled or damaged.

On my to do list is to knit up a couple of bracelets which would take poppers – all I need is more hours in the day.

The last way I’d think of wearing them is to sew the bottom of the popper to something and change the top for a different look – and that would work well for anything machine washable.

Poppers will be £4 each, and leather bracelets which take 3 poppers are £10.



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One Response to Glass Buttons and Poppers

  1. Sarah Hughes says:

    I love my bracelet, have only taken it off to sleep since I got it 😀
    ♥ J ♥ O ♥ Y ♥ just ♥ R ♥ O ♥ C ♥ K ♥ S ♥

    Much love to you and B
    S xXx

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