Return of the Vampires

There is lots of yarn for the update tomorrow.

First up is a restock of all of the yarns from When Vampires Knit Socks.

St Marco

Alec and Jane

Volturi Palace

Isle Esme

The Meadow


First Beach




Patterns for all of these yarns are available from Rachel Coopey (Coopknit on ravelry)

We’re restocking Flower Power sock yarn

It’s shown to great effect in these socks from Ann Crick (SSKUK on ravelry) The socks are exclusive to us for August – and there’s great news if you prefer to knit your socks toe up. Ann is adding instructions for this construction to the pattern, and hopes to have it available in the next few days.

There’s a new charity yarn inspired by this photo

Holiday Flowers

There are lots of new SparkLynne 4ply yarns

semi solid green, red, chocolate, gold and copper

semi solid magenta, charcoal, blue, pearl, navy

There are high twist sock yarns

semi solid lilac, soft pink, navy, charcoal and magenta

semi solid grape, brick, milk chocolate, copper, toffee

Finally there’s something very different.


and back.

Polymer clay brooches. I met Claire Wallis who makes these at the rare breeds show and we got chatting when I admired her necklace. When I looked at her website and found that she made jewelley that looked like knitting I had to have some for the shop. The brooches will be available to subscribers from 1900 tonight then in the main shop tomorrow from 1900. You can sign up for the subscriber list here.

Everything will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

Happy shopping




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