Wild feet

If you like your sock yarns colourful there’s lots to enjoy in this week’s update.

Self striping sock yarns are back

ss copper desert

copper desert

ss tiger tiger

tiger, tiger

ss flower power

flower power

ss egg a la scullybunbun

egg a la scullybunbun

ss purple haze

purple haze

ss baby digger

mini digger

ss red white and blue

red, white and blue

ss festival

There’s a restock of a couple of semi solid colours

sock wheat

semi solid wheat

sock raspberry

semi solid raspberry

There are multi coloured sock yarns

sock purple haze

purple haze

sock copper desert

copper desert

sock mini digger

mini digger

sock flower power

flower power

There are same difference yarns

sd pink and pretty

pink and pretty

sd lemon and lime

lemon and lime

sd blue and gold

blue and gold

sd bumblee bee

bumble bee

sd zebra

sd pink and jade

pink and jade

Finally there will be more starwberry stitch markers – and we can now add lobster clasps to these for you so they can be clipped onto your knitting or used for crochet.


The update will take place at 1900 UK time tomorrow – happy shopping

Joy x

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