Snuggle Up

This weekend is the final weekend of the 2012 Six Nations. That’s the perfect excuse to spend Saturday on the sofa with some mindless knitting.

We’ve got the perfect yarns for you too.

First up, there are five new colourways in our double dipped range of 4ply sock yarn.

4ply sock dd copper and pink

4ply sock dd red and blue

4ply sock dd violet and navy

4ply sock dd violet and turq

4ply sock dd plum and gold

Then there are lots of new colours of 4ply merino and bamboo. I know several of you are mouring the loss of our 4ply merino and tencel – but this is even better. There’s a little bit of shine – but the best thing about this yarn is how incredible it feels against your skin. Perfect for baby knits – and for anyone who wants to feel they are wearing something luxurious.

4ply merbam 2

4ply merbam 1

Finally we’re restocking our luxury sock yarn – with 80% superwash merino, 10% nylon and 10% cashmere this yarn manages to be both hard wearing and soft feeling. Perfect.

All of the yarns will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

Happy shopping.


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