Double Dipped.

I’d like to introduce the first of our new sock yarn colous – double dipped yarns.

I’ve played with this idea before – dip part of the skein, then dip the other end plus part of the first dyed section in another pot so you get an area of blended colour. Every time I’ve played with this I’ve loved the results. So there’s going to be a new colour range in the shop, staring with these 4 which will be available tomorrow.

Double dip moss and plum

Double dip pink and gold

Double dip sage and slate

Double dip green and pink

It’s been a pretty amazing week for us as we have yarn in two fantastic magazines – both with patterns from Rachel Coopey

First there’s a pattern in Knit Now magazine. I love this magazine and the new issue is fabulous.

And then there’s an amazing sock pattern in Knitty – made with our sock yarn.

Happy days.

The new yarns will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow – enjoy!


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One Response to Double Dipped.

  1. These colours looks fabulous. I look forward to trying at some point in the future 🙂

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