Plain and Simple

We’ve been running low on semi solid sock yarn for ages. The plan was that the 50 kilos of 50 gram skeins we’d ordered would be here at the end of January and we’d use these to restock and offer lots of same difference yarns. The yarns finally arrived with my lovely yarn supplier – but in the usual 100 gram skeins rather than the 50 grams that I wanted. The smaller skeins won’t be ready until the end of May – so it was time for a rethink.

For the next few months we’ll be offering sei solid sock yarn in 100 gram skeins – so 425 meters to each skein.

Here are the first 10 colours which will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow

semi solid copper sock yarn

semi solid walnut sock yarn

semi solid silver sock yarn

semi solid slate sock yarn

semi solid black sock yarn

semi solid violet sock yarn

semi solid gold sock yarn

semi solid teal sock yarn

semi solid red sock yarn

semi solid raspberry sock yarn

In the shop now is the next three months of yarn club – so the parcels for April, May and June. You can also sign up for the April mini skein club.

Finally I’ve added more yarn to the sale shop. There are lots of colours of DK merino and DK merino and silk.

Happy shopping.


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