Loooooooong Stripes

I’ve wanted to do a long stripe yarn for a while – so yarn which isn’t dyed in a skein and which doesn’t have a pattern which repeats.

Like this


A very, very simple cowl designed to be long enough to pull up round my ears when it gets really cold.

The long stripe yarns will be available in a couple of yarn bases and lots of different colours – but for now they’re in SparkLynne sock and laceweight as we’re still donating 50% of the sales of these to Macmillan cancer support.


The blue is the same one as is knitted up in the picture above – so the skeins don’t show off the full range of colour from light to dark.

Then there’s sock yarn in some old favourites and some new colours.


There’s 4ply merino, cashmere and nylon in case you need extra cosy socks.


There’s 4ply alpaca, silk and cashmere


There’s DK alpaca and silk – perfect for a quick knit


There’s lots of laceweight SparkLynne yarn.


There’s a small mountain of laceweight SparkLynne yarn.


And finally there’s more fine alpaca, silk and cashmere.


Everything is in the shop now – so happy shopping.


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