Advent Glee

It’s the first of December, and the last of the 2011 yarn clubs went out yesterday.

Huge sigh of relief.

Then on with the update for tomorrow.

We have lots of 4ply SparkLynne yarn in variegated colours

SparkLynne 4ply - Bramble

SparkLynne 4ply Camouflage

SparkLynne 4ply Chocolate Box

SparkLynne 4ply Purple Haze

SparkLynne 4ply - Dragonfly

SparkLynne 4ply - Sweet Pea

Then there’s a rather special Macmillan yarn which was inspired by a very gorgeous pussy cat.

4ply sock - Raphael

This colourway will also be available in mini skeins

mini skein - Raphael

and as a DK alpaca and silk

DK Alpaca & Silk - Raphael

Many thanks to Susan for sending me such lovely photos to work from – and for allowing me to use the name Raphael for this yarn.

There are 2 new take five and take five mini skein colourways

Take Fieb - Walnut Tree

Take Five - Hot Stuff

And finally there’s a new sock yarn (and mini skein) colour

4ply sock - Bramble

As always, everything will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

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