Win Some Yarn – and More



Free Yarn.

Free mini skeins.

Free stitch markers.

Sarah from The Undercover Owl and I are delighted to be collaborating at Fibre Flurry this year. Sarah has sourced three amazing fabrics for the most charming knitting bags.


I’ve dyed up yarns to match these, plus an yarn which will be exclusive to Fibre Flurry 2011


Given my current obsession with mini skeins I also wanted to do a mini skein set. Sarah and I have each come up with a colour, and these are mini skeins of the yarns that go with the bags and the yarn shown above.

That makes six – and I’d like a set of seven.

So what I’d like you to do is to devise the colourway which will complete this mini skein set.


To enter, go the the Fibre Flurry Exclusives section of the shop and follow the link to enter the competition.

You could win a 100 gram skein of your colourway, plus a set of mini skeins and a set of stitch markers from The Undercover Owl.

Good luck.


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