May 2011 Blog Posts

Bella’s Truck (31st May)

First up an apology – I got a bit ahead of myself when I posted that this pattern was available yesterday.

This is the 3rd sock from When Vampires Knit Socks clun – designed by Rachel Coopey.

You’ll find the yarn in the shop – so you could be casting on very soon.

If you’d like the latest club parcels, sign ups for July to September start on Friday.

Bank Holiday Sunshine (30th May)

The sun isn’t shining here (no surprise as it’s a bank holiday), but the latest Macmillan yarn is sunny enough to make up for that.

Floral – inspired by a lovely pair of flowery Hunter wellies.

For those of you knitting up When Vampires Knit Socks the latest pattern to be released – Bella’s Truck – is available today. The yarn is in the shop now.

Happy bank holiday, whatever the weather is doing to you.


Shop Update (May 26th)

There’s lots and lots of lovely yarn in the update on 27th May.

First, the laceweight

Then there’s lots and lots of sock yarn

L-R Magic Carpet, Sari, Printer Ink

L-R Northumberland, Green,Green,Green, Flower Power

L-R Sweet Pea, Draw Breath

L-R Indian Summer, Bollywood, Sunset

The first three months of When Vampires Knits Socks club are now available – Bella’s Truck (on top) will be in the shop on Monday to coincide with the pattern release.

See you all at 1900 – and happy shopping.


Shop Update (13th May)

This week it’s all about our merino and nylon 4ply which we call sock yarn as it’s hard wearing and perfect for socks – but it’s also soft enough to make great scarves , shawls, gloves, hats, jumpers………

There’s lots of self striping yarn, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect colourway for the KAL in Knitting Goddesses on ravelry you should find something here.

Then there’s sock yarn which won’t make stripes.

There are lots of new semi solid colours in 50 gram skeins so it’s easy to mix and match, or buy an extra skein for especially big feet.

Finally there are lots and lots of mini skens. These are in the same yarn base so they’re perfect for a touch of contrast.

All yarns will be in the shop from 1900 this evening.

I should let you know that the shop will be offline tomorrow as ‘m going to speak at the Ewe 2 club in Sway and taking much of my stock with me. I’ll restock when I get back so will be back online late Saturday evening.

Happy shopping

Joy x

With Thanks to Vladimir (5th May)

I started off with a really good plan. Rather than do a shop update last Friday, I ordered lots of yarn which would have been here 10 days ago, and planned to work my way through it at a fairly leisurely place over the long weekend and start of this week.

When the parcel didn’t turn up on Wednesday I thought it was just being a little slow as our courier deliveries sometimes are, so expected it to turn up on Thursday. When I had no parcel by Thursday afternoon I emailed my lovely supplier to get a tracking number. And things went rather wrong.

Somewhere between being picked up and arriving in Portsmouth the box had falled into a black hole. And by the time I had a tracking number the couriers had shut up shop until Tuesday morning.

Cue much cursing – although I did dye 4 kilos of fibre so wasn’t completely unproductive.

On Tuesday morning I rang the couriers as soon as they opened and spoke to Vladimir. He advised that they would search both warehouses for the box and just needed a description of it. The words large and brown were not met with much enthusiasm – but Vladimir promised he would chase this up and get back to me. 40 minutes later my box appeared on the tracking system and arrived with me on Tuesday afternoon.

So it’s been a rather frantic couple of days – but there’s lots and lots of new yarn all ready for the shop update tomorrow evening.

Self striping sock yarn

Take Five sock yarn

Sets of mini skeins

4ply merino and bamboo

4ply merino tencel

4ply alpaca, silk and cashmere (I really want to keep this as it’s so soft)

Laceweight merino and tencel

Laceweight blue faced leicester wool and silk

Laceweight alpaca, silk and cashmere

There are also new stitch marker sets made with my very own lampworked glass beads

Finally already in the shop are goddess stitch markers and some new badges.

The shop update goes live at 1900 tomorrow – so see you then.

Oh – and if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet you might want to do so now, as from tomorrow there will be a special shop area for subscribers only.

Joy x

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