March 2011 Blog Posts

Bigger and Bolder (March 29th)

There’s some new self striping yarn in the shop, dyed up in 2 colours rather than 4 so the stripes are thicker.

I’ve had a lovely morning of great things arriving in the post including this.

Glass rods – which will become buttons.

The buttons need to be kiln annealed for strength, then they’ll be appearing in the shop.

Not the Same (Mar 28th)

Looks can be deceptive.

The two yarns above look pretty similar in the skein but will be totally different when they’re knitted up.

The yarn on the left is the Macmillan inspired Catherine wheel, and the yarn on the right is the self striping section.

Happy knitting whichever skein you choose.

Joy x

New, New, New (March 25th)

There are weeks when everything comes together and there’s lots of new and amazing stuff to tell you about.

First up, we now have self striping sock yarn in the shop. It’s taken a while to work out how to do this in a way that doesn’t take crazy amounts of time, and having sorted it out there are 2 colours to start with.

The yarn will knit up in distinct stripes on socks. This was my test skein which was dunked into the dye baths which happened to be on the go at the time. The sock is knitted over 64 stitches on 2mm pins (but I’m a loose knitter so 2.25mm for most people). I short rowed the heel to keep the stripes even, but if you’re happy for the stripes to narrow a little a standard heel would work too.

Then the return of an old yarn – Take Five sock yarns are being restocked.

For the first time there’s a pattern designed for this yarn by the clever and talented Rachel Coopey.

The pattern is available from Rachel via Ravelry.

There are several new colours of sock yarn and miniskeins including the rather bright paintbox

Happy Shopping


Good Things (21st March)

Thanks to a lot of shopping over the weekend, £600 has been donated to Comic Relief. HUge thanks to everyone who spent their hard earned cash with us – especially those of you who shopped twice.
We’ve had a sunny weekend and the daisies are out on the green weeds that we refer to as lawn. So spring is here. About time too.
I’ve received the latest pattern from Rachel Coopey for When Vampires Knit Socks club – and it’s a stunner.
I’m almost caught up with my sock club knitting so I’ll be casting this pattern on soon.
I’ve got a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline – nothing I can talk about yet, but really fantastic stuff.
There’s some new yarn in the shop including the refresher inspired Macmillan yarn and some Bollywood.

Happy Days

Happy Red Nose Day (18th March)

It’s Comic Relief weekend – and we’re donating 50% of all sales made between 0900 today and 2100 on Sunday 20th March.

There’s new yarn in the shop, including both semi solid and multi coloured cashmere.

Over in the sale shop there’s the last of our wool and silk blend – grab it while you can.

Happy shopping

Joy x

Sweets for my sweet (12th March)

The latest Macmillan yarn poll winner – Black Jack. Available in the shop on Monday.

Shop Update 11th March

I’m not quite sure how it’s managed to be a week since I last blogged. In my defense, I can promise that I’ve been working really, really hard.

So – first up something that I didn’t really have to work at all for.

Made by the lovely and talented Nic of Nic’s Knots . Nic has been scouring the internet to find the oerfect fabric for me – and these gorgeous knitting bags are now available in the treats section of the shop.

Then there’s lots of lovely yarn, including sock yarn, mini skeins and laceweight.

Sock yarn in Egg a la Scullybunbun

Laceweight alpaca, silk and cashmere in semi solid plum

Happy Friday to all of you.

Joy x

Shop Update (4th March)

Lots of new yarn added to the shop just in time for the weekend.

There are new sock blanket skeins.

There are sock yarns, ranging from somber to seriously loud.

There’s lots of laceweight in wool and silk, merino and tencel and alpaca, silk and cashmere

Finally for the shop, the next thee months of When Vampires Knit Socks is now available.

I’d also like to let you know about a fantastic new pattern which uses a single skein of our laceweight cashmere.

The pattern is available direct from Rachel Coopey on ravelry

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