July 2011 Blog Posts

Plump It Up (31st July)

This weeks Macmillan yarn inspiration

and the yarn and stitch marker

Available in the shop from 1900 on Monday.

Weekly Update (28th July)

There’s lots and lots of newness ready for the shop tomorrow.

In the sale shop there’s laceweight cashmere

There’s also laceweight alpaca, silk and cashmere

Laceweight BFL wool and silk

Then there’s plenty of 4ply

Sock yarn

A restock of the When Vampires Knit Socks colours

The newest Vampire club colour to be released – Wolfpack

4ply alpaca, silk and cashmere

4ply merino and tencel

and finally, sets of mini skeins in the tube line colours

Everything shown will be in the shop at 1900 tomorrow.


You Light Up My Life (24th July)

Last Friday brought a bit of a nasty shock.

This was the inspiration for this week’s Macmillan yarn.

It would be fair to say that I don’t feel a lot of enthusiasm about this lightshade.

But the yarn – well if there’s any of this left on Tuesday morning I’m having a skein. I love it.

The yarn will be in the Macmillan yarns section of the shop from 1900 on Monday.


Small But Perfectly Formed (21st July)

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve dyed a lot of yarn, but very little of it is for the shop.

There are some summery sock colours

and there are some with a more autumnal feel as I’m starting to think that summer isn’t coming back. Sob.

There will also be lots of sale bargains on Friday as we’ve taken the decision to stop stocking laceweight cashmere. There are lots of reasons behind this including costs and availability, so we’ve decided that once the current stock has gone there will be no more. The stock we have will be discounted by 20% to £6 a skein and there will also be some bigger skeins (75 grams, 1050 meters) at £17.50

Everything will be updated in the shop for 1900 tomorrow.

Joy x

GREAT NAME (13th July)

There’s something about products with great names that makes them so much more tempting than simply numbers. Part of the fun of our Macmillan yarns is that I can call things pretty much what I want as there’s a story to explain it.

I’ve spent a bit of time this morning glass shopping from the wonderfully named CiM – Creation is Messy. Too true, as anyone who has visited the workshop knows all too well. The glasses have wonderful names like bordello (a rich red) or ghee (a melted buttery yellow)

The names gave me the next word list for bingo over on ravelry in Knitting Goddesses (and Gods) – so come play.

The prize had to be something glassy – and this is the first bead that I silver cored, so I’m rather proud of it, and hope it finds a home where it will be loved.

Glass, glass and glass (July 19th)

I’ve been playing with a new bead press and some lovely frit (tiny chips of coloured glass) from Kaz at Cheeky Cherub

I’ve also been making more big hole beads which fit charm bracelets like pandora and troll

I’ve decided that I want to keep the bulk of my glass work out of the yarn shop – so you’ll still find buttons and stitch markers, but everything else will be in my etsy shop. If you’d like to order from both shops just pop a note in your order and I’ll refund the duplicate postage.

Many thanks


Put Your Feet Up (July 17th)

This is the picture which won this week’s Macmillan yarn poll

And this is the yarn

The yarn will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow – and there will be some special goodies in the subscriber shop, so if you haven’t done so sign up for the newsletter now.

New, new and new (14th July)

There’s a whole smooshy pile of newness destined for the shop tomorrow evening.

sock yarn

self striping sock yarn

mini skeins

a new set of mini skeins.

These sets were deisgned to make great additions to blankets – or to make fabulous stripey socks. There are 8 colours involved and each appears 3 times in the set – so if you want to you can have colours that follow on from each other just like the chakra colours do. It doesn’t matter which skein you start with, you’ll always be able to do this.

laceweight cashmere

more laceweight cashmere – and there’s still more to come, but I’m still winding it up!

All the yarns shown will be in the shop at 1900 tomorrow – and 50% of all sales made until midnight on Sunday 17th July will be donated to the DEC appeal for East Africa.

Keep An Eye On Your Knitting (12th July)

I’ve been playing with a combination of lampwork and fusing – so there are lots of new beads which have become stitch markers.

The beads are 23mm in diameter so would be great for jewellery too – just let me know if you’d like a smaller jump ring when you order.

Find them here now – and remember that we’re donating 50% of all sales made up to midnight on Sunday to the DEC appeal for East Africa.

Take A Seat (11th July)

The pictures in last week’s Macmillan yarn poll were of sofas.

This is the winner.

And this is one of the runners up. It’s horrific. And yet the colours are rather tempting.

So here are the yarns

The winning yarn is called relax and it’s in the Macmillan yarns section of the shop. The other yarn is called love seat and is in the subscriber shop as both regular and self striping yarn – and from Friday it will be in the main shop.

Also a quick reminder that we’re donating 50% of all sales until midnight on Sunday 17th July to the DEC appeal for East Africa.


Joy x

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