August 2011 Blog Posts

Faerie (28th August)

This week’s winning picture

and the yarn

In the shop from 1900 tomorrow.


Weekly Update (25th August)

There’s lots of new yarn for the update tomorrow, so starting with the thinnest

laceweight alpaca, silk and cashmere

laceweight blue faced leicester wool and silk

4ply alpaca, silk and cashmere

4ply merino and bamboo

4ply merino, cashmere and nylon

4ply silk and merino

Then there are three colourways in merino and nylon sock yarn in both take five and mini skein sets

copper desert


violet meadow

Then there are lots of individual mini skeins

Finally some double knit weight yarn

Double knit alpaca and silk.

All of these yarns will be in the shop from 1900 tomorrow.

In the shop now are the yarn clubs for both October and October to December, and there are still a couple of spaces left for the September mini skein club.

See you tomorrow.


M*** (21st August)

Ask a yarnie how they feel about moths and you may get a less than enthusiastic answer.

Not all moths eat wool – in fact very few do.

But that’s enough to make them pretty unpopular when they’re seen fluttering round yarn.

So it’s with mixed feelings that I bring you the winner of this week’s Macmillan poll

Pink Elephant Moth

Moth inspired yarn (don’t believe I just typed that)

There’s a second Macmillan yarn for tomorrow. We did a collaboration with The Bothered Owl and One Hand Knits for Knit Nation and produced a limited edition yarn. I sent 3 skeins of this off so the patterns could be knitted up, but they didn’t arrive. They came back yesterday. As we sold this as a limited edition I’m going to sell two of the skeins and donate all of the price to Macmillan. The other skein will become mini skeins and will reach the shop on Friday, again with all proceeds going to Macmillan.

A Path Through London

Both big skeins will be in the shop at 1900 tomorrow.


Mini Skein Heaven – and Chartreuse (18th August)

This week the update is pretty much all about mini skein sets

Chilly – this is also available as a take five yarn


Flower Power


Stormy Sky

Turn It Up – also available as a take five yarn


Double Rainbow

There’s also some very special semi solid sock yarn. Very special as it was dyed to the exacting specifications needed to make it acceptable for the next Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL on ravelry.


Finally, the mini skein clubs have sold so well that we’ve added another 20 places – but that’s all that will be available for September so if you’re still thiking about signing up don’t wait too long.

All of the new yarns will be in the shop at 1900 tomorrow.


You Don’t Bring Me Roses (15th August)

The poll pictures for this week’s Macmillan yarn were of vases. Empty vases.

This was the winner

And this is the yarn inspired by it.

The yarn will be in the Macmillan section of the shop at 1900 this evening.

Weekly Update (11th August)

Lots of new yarn this week

Some rather lovely sock yarn which is both pale and interesting

Some rather lovely sock yarn which is not at all pale

A restock of Wolfpack from When Vampires Knit Socks

These six colours will also be available as mini skeins

Then there are several take five and mini skein sets





Also new in the shop tomorrow will be the chance to sign up for our new mini skein club. Each month there will be 7 multicoloured skiens and 7 semi solid skeins, and you can choose to receive either or both. We’ve worked out a way to keep the cost of the club down, so UK members will pay just £10 including postage for 7 skeins – and of course you’ll collect goddess points too. We’re going to invoice each month for the club so you don’t have to pay out a large amount of money at any point. Club sets will be posted on the first Monday of each month, and a limited number of sets will be in the shop from the following Monday – but at our usual price of £9.75 plus postage, so club members make a £2 saving each month.

The shop update will be live from 1900 tomorrow – see you then.


Darkly (8th August)

This week’s winning Macmillan yarn picture

and the yarn

The picture looks black and red, but the black is a very dark plum.

In the shop from 1900 tonight.

A New Addiction (6th August)

Although I spend a lot of time on ravelry I don’t do too much looking at patterns. More often than not I’ll see something that one of the Knitting Goddesses has knitted and look to se what else the designer has done, or I’ll use the search option if I want something specific.

So it was pretty much by chance (and the very kind hotlinking to my yarn by a fellow raveller) that I stumbled across the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits

I’m knitted my first fifteen little hexipuffs – and I’m hooked. This is about as close to instant gratification as knitting gets.

I’m using mini skeins in our merino and nylon sock yarn – so there will be 3 of each colourway and I’ll have lots of fun rearranging them when it comes time to join them together.

Weekly Update (5th August)

Despite the best efforts of BT we’re back online – we’ve had patchy broadband coverage for the last few days, and the patches seem to be getting worse. So with many thanks to the kindness of my neighbours and their talktalk broadband I bring you this week’s update.

There’s the last of the cashmere laceweight which will be on the sale page

There’s a very small amount of laceweight merino (60%), cashmere (20%) and silk (20%) – each 50g skein gives you 640m. Again this will go straight onto the sale page.

Then there’s lots of merino and nylon sock yarn

Self striping sock yarn

Multicoloured sock yarn – and mini skeins of most of these colours too

Semi solid sock yarn

There are two sets of mini skeins

The return of the chakra set

And a new double rainbow set

And finally there will be some extra sale bargains including 4ply silk and DK merino.

The shop update goes live at 1900 tonight – see you then

Joy x

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