Snow – and shopping

We’ve got snow. Not a huge amounty of it, but enough to make me feel that it’s a good day to spend in the kitchen making yummy things. In a rare bit of good timing the Book People delivered my christmas order yesterday evening, so I have the Whoopie Pie Book (a small present to myself) to play with.

I feel incredibly lucky that I work from home, and that the snow doesn’t really bother us at all. Good luck to everyone who has to battle through the white stuff to make it to work and back again.

Over in the shop our 2011 clubs are now up for sale. For the first time we,re offering laceweight and double knit option as well as 4ply – so if anyone is snowed in and planning for Christmas, now would be the perfect time for a little browsing.

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2 Responses to Snow – and shopping

  1. Willa says:

    Oooh – Whoopie Pie Book

    I want a whoopie!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the inspiration – that book is going under the Christmas Tree for my sister!

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