Evening Classes

Now we’re into October, it’s back to school time for adult education addicts like me.

I’ve wanted to learn to upholster for several years, then we moved house and there wasn’t time or space to think about a new hobby. However the house is pretty much done, and 3 weeks ago I pottered off to college lugging a rather tatty looking chair which had mustard covers.

Week 1 was spent taking everything back down to the frame – and realising what a messy project this was going to be.

Last week involved the entertainment of trying to use a webbing stretcher – something I’m sure you need to have at least 3 hands for.

Yesterday was fun – I reached the point of stuffing the seat with coir – strange black twisty stuff which is used instead of horse hair.

Having done the hard bit in class under the supervision of the very patient Carol, I came home and did the fun bit – a fleece layer followed by the top cover.

I made the felt for the cover from hand dyed blue faced Leicester – gorgeous to work with and makes beautifully soft felt.


Great fun – and I’m really pleased with it. I can also see lots of things I’d do better next time, but as a first go I’m happy.

Having spend Wednesday afternoon banging nails into biggish things, I went to the drop in silver class at Quay Arts to bash small things. The drop in classes are great – you turn up with your project, use the tools that are there, get the help that you need and get to see what lots of other people are making.

The nature of my job means I spend a lot of time on my own, so it’s always good to go and do things involving other people.

I wanted to start with a small project, and apart from needing a tumble in the buffing machine next week, I’m done.

I’ve wanted a nice diz (used for fibre prep in spinning) for ages, but haven’t seen one I’d like at a price I’m willing to pay.

So this will do double duty as a pendant and diz – plenty of different holes to pull fibre through, and it should be a lot less easy to lose than the plastic diz I’ve been using until now.

Apart from all this activity I’ve been dyeing lots – and will be updating the shop over the weekend as we need to be in Chichester tomorrow for a funeral.

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2 Responses to Evening Classes

  1. The chair is gorgeous! Is there a before picture?

  2. katkero says:

    The chair is has turned out lovely.

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