Almost the weekend

It’s been a bit of a week, all things considered.

After an amazing weekend in London (Nigel Kennedy at Ronnie Scotts, just in case there’s anyone I haven’t already bored about this), we came home to find that a very bad thing indeed had happened to one of my yarn suppliers.

The lovely Andy has suffered a massive fire at his warehouse, and at least five tons of yarn have been reduced to nothing at all really. In typical Andy fashion, he’s been busy sorting out yarn for the dyers he supplies to – so I’m expecting a large box later on today.

The most important thing is that no one was hurt.

The next most important thing is that Andy will be up and running again soon – anyone with that amount of determination isn’t going to sit about.

Meanwhile, we’ve just added some yarn to the shop.

First up, some 4 ply merino & tencel.

Update 24/9/10

Then 4ply merino, cashmere and nylon – very, very smooshy indeed.

merino cashmere nylon

Finally back in stock are our ‘Little Bags of ‘ Kits.

Choose from Calm

little bag calm kit

or Love

little bag love kit

Finally for now, there are two new patterns available on Ravelry for a Shark Tooth Shawl

In 4ply merino and tencel

shark tooth shawl 4ply merino tencel

and in DK alpaca and silk

DK alpaca silk shawl shark tooth

The construction on the two shawls is different – the 4 ply version is worked top to bottom and the DK version from end to end. Buy one and we’ll send you the other version for free.

Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to.


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